A Vaastu Home is a Beautiful Home!

If you follow all the rules but neglect creating beautiful interiors, your dream home will never be fully Vaastu compliant. Try and imitate natural and divine creations while beautifying your own spaces. Adorn your home with beauty that will nourish your soul in turn making you happy and content with your surroundings.

We know it’s not easy to build something from scratch, especially if you are a novice. So, here are a few useful tips to make your home bright, beautiful and beaming with positive energy.

Lose the Clutter: Always remember that something new always replaces something old when it comes to beautifying your surroundings. Get rid of the unwanted clutter. Anything, which you don’t like or has worn out must quickly be replaced and recycled. While buying decorative items, choose the ones which you find useful, stunning, and comfortable.

Colour is the Key: In more than one sense, colour has a powerful, emotional impact that is both direct and personal. Each shade of a colour has a distinct vibration rate that deeply affects our energy. There are nourishing shades of all colours. Avoid those that feel depressing, harsh, painful, or jarring. Trust your own instincts in finding pleasing colours.

Furnish Right: Choose your furnishings carefully, in addition towards being instinctive while choosing your wall paints. Your home decor must be in tune with your personality and your surroundings. You can bring in some nice dash of vitality into your home with live plants, cut flowers and leaves, and other elements of nature that appeal to you.

Now that you know what you need to do in order to have a bright and happy home, here a few ways in which you can accomplish the same.

Let samples help you choose the right shade: When looking for options to choose the right paint, a little bit of sample checks do come handy along with having that much needed gut feeling. Get small paint samples and try them on your walls, then observe the colour at different times of the day, since changing sunlight and artificial lighting can make colours look quite different. This will surely make the decision making process easy.

Pay attention to minute details: Home decor requires patience and along with it an eye for minute details. How about the curtains, bedspreads and covers, quilts and cushions? Are they in harmony with everything else surrounding them? These are the little questions you constantly need to ask yourself while decorating your living space. If there’s anything in that space which acts as a disruption then you need to get rid of it to restore your peace.

Follow these steps and you will truly realize that a Vaastu home is indeed a beautiful one!

Last updated on July 4, 2017

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