Vastu Dosha: How To Get Rid Of It In Your Home

When Vastu elements are positioned incorrectly in a dwelling, a condition known as vaastu dosha results. One of the issues that people encounter in their houses the most frequently is vaastu dosha. This can lead to a great deal of bad energy inside the house and create significant difficulties in our life, such as monetary hardships, health issues, and personal difficulties. To counteract the bad energy, many solutions are strategically put throughout the house.


  1. Wind Chimes: A Positive Energy Generator: According to Vastu, wind chimes are particularly auspicious.  Wind chimes are said to ward off bad spirits and unfavourable energy. They bestow luck and pleasant vibes on the house.
  2. Crystal globes: The primary and most essential item for Vastu is a crystal ball.   Put the water-filled crystal ball in the middle of the house. The water will assist equalize the energies in the home and serve as a channel for the energy in the area.
  3. The Vastu Plants: Plants help to make the air cleaner and more wholesome to breathe. Additionally, plants provide uplifting and calming pleasant vibes. Vastu states that some plants are fortunate because they reject evil energy and attract positive energy.  Vastu claims that having indoor plants keeps a home’s energy balanced and flowing. 
  4. Mirrors: Mirrors in the house promote happiness and wealth. However, it is crucial to position the mirror correctly. Mirrors shouldn’t be positioned in front of the main door because they will reflect all incoming energy and spread unfavourable vibrations.
  5. Cleanliness: Keep your house tidy and organised. The arrangement of the furnishings in the home should make it feel spacious and open. It allows positive energy to flow freely throughout the house.


Vastu Dosha can cause many issues in your life. Therefore, getting rid of it from your house is crucial. By adhering to specific Vastu guidelines, Vastu Dosha can be eliminated. Living a better and more affluent life can be achieved by using this advice.


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Last updated on February 5, 2023

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