What makes Aparna Constructions a popular eco friendly builder?

Living amidst greenery, away from the chaos of the world, excites everyone. Yet, they do not want to forego the convenience of city life. People generally think that they have to compromise the eco-friendly living to enjoy the convenience of city life.

And most importantly, they believe that they don’t have a choice. But with Aparna Constructions, it is now possible to enjoy the convenience of city life while living in an eco-friendly environment, safe from pollution and toxic chemicals.

Aparna Constructions has established itself as one of the most renowned eco-friendly builders in India. They are among the pioneers to bring the concept of eco-friendly construction to major Indian Metropolitan cities.

Read this blog to understand the reasons that make Aparna Constructions a famous eco-friendly builder.


Green Construction Materials

Poor quality air doesn’t necessarily come from outside. The very items you live with also affect the air quality. At Aparna Constructions, we make sure to use sustainably managed recycled materials that eliminate harmful emissions. These include naturally harvested wood and recycled materials, such as steel beams made from scrap metals.

The indoors are painted with low-VOC paints, which improves the indoor air quality. The floors are also furnished with eco-friendly materials.


Environment-Friendly Indoor

Ultimately, home is the sanctuary where you feel safe and comfortable to relax. At Aparna Constructions, the construction experts work hard to provide the apartment residents with indoor conditions that are also eco-friendly. As such, homeowners receive the best air quality, heat management, natural ventilation, and lighting.


Quality of Water

Water and health share an inseparable bond. Unhealthy and poor-quality water can lead to an unhealthy life.  Moreover, your appliances will last longer if the quality of the water is high. Aparna Constructions believes that good water quality is necessary not only for drinking but also for other activities.

Additionally, conservation of water is essential for the environment. Projects such as Aparna Luxor Park support water conservation and recycling of water, including rainwater harvesting to maintain an eco-friendly environment.


Energy Efficient Appliances

As the saying goes, ‘Little things become large.’ Energy-efficient appliances are favorable for both the environment and your budget. Aparna Constructions uses appliances that don’t harm the environment and also minimize the amount of energy consumed, which gets reflected in your electricity bills at the end of the month.


Green Community

What can provide a more gentle breeze than natural air itself? Generally, we visit parks to inhale some fresh air, to take a walk and enjoy the greenery as it pleases our eyes. With Aparna Constructions, you can have the luxury of the same within the community.

Projects like Aparna Sarovar Zenith ensure 14 acres of open space and greenery within the community. There are parks and walking trails to ensure better health of the residents.



While the world is tackling climate change, Aparna Constructions, as one of the most technologically advanced eco-friendly builders, is creating dream homes. Aparna Constructions believe that there is no reason for you to sacrifice comfort while going eco-friendly.

If you wish to see for real what living in an eco-friendly gated community looks like, click here.

Last updated on December 11, 2020

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