What makes Aparna one of the most trusted builders in Hyderabad?

With Hyderabad’s real-estate market continuing to show healthy growth, the city has attracted a large number of real estate developers. Buyers are faced with a plethora of options in terms of builders to pick from. However, despite the immense competition, experienced developers like Aparna Constructions who have built their reputation over the years, continue to remain buyers’ most trusted choice among builders in Hyderabad.

A pioneer of gated communities in Hyderabad, Aparna has been growing since 1996. Building world-class homes that strike the perfect balance between luxury and affordability, Aparna is constantly striving to become the standard bearer of the real estate industry by creating the best living spaces.

Here are the factors that make us stand out among builders in Hyderabad:

Commitment to vision

The vision for Aparna Constructions is to build a new India by transforming living spaces. We strive tirelessly to fulfill that mission of delivering world-class, smart-gated communities. We also focus on building long-term relationships with clients in our endeavour to become a brand synonymous with trust, integrity and growth. Such commitment to vision is what propels our phenomenal growth story.

Commitment to quality

Aparna Constructions maintains the highest degree of commitment to delivering only the best quality, not only in the projects but also in the services. The projects boast of stellar architectural design, flawless engineering, and meticulous attention-to-detail in construction.

All the building materials used in Aparna projects undergo rigorous testing from manufacturers, third-party testers in addition to over a hundred in-house tests.

Transparency in financial dealings and on-time delivery also are also two of the most important pillars in our unwavering dedication towards ensuring quality in terms of customer experience.


A high degree of transparency, openness and accountability is evident in all our interactions, be it with customers, employees, vendors or other stakeholders.


Over two decade of experience in the industry has helped us deliver top-notch projects infused with innovations that make Aparna Group, ‘leaders of the future’ of realty.

Intelligent planning

At Aparna, the endeavour is to constantly improve our systems to meet customer needs and enhance their satisfaction. All the projects are set in strategic locations well-connected to workspaces, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and entertainment options. The architecture of the projects reflects careful planning and design consideration to develop a smart lifestyle for customers.

Impressive portfolio of completed projects

Aparna boasts of an impressive portfolio of 38 completed projects, each of which was built based on a deep understanding of the evolving lifestyle over time. With these projects, we have changed the way gated communities are planned, built and maintained by builders in Hyderabad.

Satisfied customer base

Aparna Constructions’ strict policy of delivering only the best quality and maintaining transparency in dealing with customers has helped create a huge, ever-expanding base of over 14000 satisfied customers.

Recognition through awards

With 24 awards in the kitty, Aparna Constructions is one of the most awarded among builders in Hyderabad. The continuous urge to win more accolades and set new benchmarks within the industry is what drives us forward.


Last updated on May 20, 2019

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