Why Luxury Real Estate In Hyderabad Is Still A Good Investment

Luxury real estate in Hyderabad is at its highest demand. While much of the demand is fuelled by senior professionals in the IT/ITeS sectors and HNIs from other Indian metros, Hyderabad is also among the top cities in terms of investments from NRIs.

Hyderabad’s position as home to many leading IT/ITeS companies has had a direct impact on the city’s immense real estate surge, with luxury real estate at the forefront of this growth. The city has emerged as one of the best performing luxury real estate destinations in India, complemented by strong fundamentals including government stability, infrastructure and economic drivers.

The key factor spurring Hyderabad’s ascent to the top of the luxury real estate market is the tremendous value available without compromising comfort and convenience. Luxury real estate investors demand privacy, customization, sophisticated technology, modern amenities, and professional maintenance. Luxury living is not just about form but about function as well. Compared to Delhi or Mumbai, luxury homes in Hyderabad are comparably much larger with more amenities for the same price. Luxury real estate investors can expect reasonable prices for world-class luxury homes with state-of-the-art amenities in premium localities.

There are basic factors that define a luxury property: optimal price, abundance of space, and wide selection of amenities. Common amenities that are present in luxury homes include abundant recreational facilities, swimming pool, club house, gymnasium and much more.

Security is mandatory for luxury apartments and villas. Since Hyderabad is home to IT/ITeS executives that work round-the-clock, it is imperative to provide a safe environment at all times. Top luxury properties provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, combined with stringent checks on non-residents at all access points of the premises. Luxury homes are equipped with an intercom device that has direct access to a dedicated security team.

A luxury gated community has much to offer in terms of safety, facilities, neighbourly appeal and mostly a luxurious lifestyle, especially if surrounded by lush and green environs. Luxury homes in gated communities are maintained to exacting and impeccable standards. Beyond these factors, luxury real estate in Hyderabad has many more advantages on offer.

Hyderabad is uniquely positioned in terms of value-for-money in the luxury real estate market without compromising quality of life. Hyderabad’s fast-paced infrastructure development is encouraging new growth corridors to be identified, which addresses the increasing real estate demand and helps control rising prices. New areas are gaining recognition for their proximity to industry hubs, social infrastructure, and investment potential.

The past decade has seen numerous luxury real estate projects being undertaken in the residential space in Hyderabad across emerging premium localities like Nallagandla, Chandanagar and Kondapur to established areas like Jubilee Hills and HITEC City.

Last updated on September 21, 2020

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