Why Should You Think About Buying a House When You’re Young?

Purchasing a home is one of the largest economic choices someone will ever make. The feeling of independence and responsibility that buying a home instills is a significant factor. Many of us may wonder if taking out a loan to buy a property at a young age is a smart move or not. The answer is undoubtedly a yes, so let’s find out why taking out a property loan when you’re young can be advantageous.


1. Increasing loan eligibility at a younger age: One of the influencing elements when calculating the amount of a loan to purchase a home is the likelihood of future pay growth. An individual in his 20s has a better likelihood of experiencing a pay increase than an individual in his 40s. Therefore, as a young applicant, your loan eligibility will be higher.


2. The EMI amount decreases as the tenure increases: When choosing your loan term when applying for a home loan, among the most crucial considerations is your age. Most financial institutions provide loans for home purchases to borrowers between the ages of 22 and 70. Concerning tenure, the majority of banks provide a home loan with a 30-year maximum term. Therefore, you will acquire a home loan with a lengthier term the younger you are. Additionally, as a longer tenure entails lower EMI sums, you won’t need to be concerned about having less money available for expenditures. 


3. Asset: In your 20s, purchasing a home is an investment. While the majority of people wait until they have purchased their first home before considering investing, you might begin far earlier than you might expect. You will gain from it in several ways. You could rent out a house you bought as an investment, for instance. 

When you are young, you have plenty of time to carefully review the financing. Additionally, it assists you in selecting the option that is optimal at each point in time. Consider the points above and make a wise decision.


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Last updated on December 17, 2022

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