10 sustainable living ideas for gated community residents

One of the prime factors that attract homeowners to invest in gated communities is the landscaping and sustainable living ideas they follow. Yes, gated communities take proper care of eco-friendly resources, including water, electricity, greenery, and waste management. Today, buyers are more conscious about investing and living in an eco-friendly, sustainable residential project than going for urban living. Listed below are some of the sustainable living ideas for gated community residents:



No to plastics and bottles

While it’s convenient to carry and use plastic bottles, the impact it has on society is pretty much worse. Instead, you can use an inexpensive water filter and keep it in the refrigerator. Indoor water filters and outdoor water filtration systems are available, from which you can choose your preferred one.



Create your compost

For people who live in single apartments, it is good to create their compost at their plot. This way, they can save money on buying expensive compost and fertilizers to grow their produce.



Save water

When it comes to water usage, we waste a lot of water by washing, cleaning, and watering. Instead of just letting the water run while you are dishwashing or brushing, open the tap only when required.



Avoid power consumption during peak hours

The utility bills can go high if we don’t take proper care of the usage terms. Many people still make mistakes by overusing the power during peak hours, which results in high utility bills. If you are frequently washing clothes in a washing machine, try washing before 4:00 pm and after 7:00 pm. If it’s summer, try washing them in the washer early in the morning as hot afternoons are peak hours for energy companies. Also, do not switch on electric appliances in the evenings when the voltage is low.



Optimal utilization of natural resources

Gated communities are keen at balancing the available natural resources like sunlight, rainwater, and energy across all the apartments in a community.



Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is one of the sustainable living ideas for a gated community resident. For people who are passionate about gardening and producing organic veggies, vertical gardening is one such hit. These days, even residential project builders attach a layer of fabric frame with water retention property as a foundation and set up a drip irrigation and fertilization process.



Go Green policy

If you have a grass lawn and vegetable garden, try using natural pesticides that are safe and non-toxic. You can also install an eco-friendly grass lawn style like Zen Rock garden, English cottage garden, or wildflower garden.


So if you are looking for sustainable living in a gated community in Hyderabad, then Aparna Gated communities are the best to go for. The best thing that makes Aparna one of the top green gated communities is their eco-friendly approach towards the society and Mother Nature. The above mentioned sustainable living ideas are carefully implemented in Aparna gated community projects ensuring organic environment by reducing the use of negative environmental impact.

Last updated on July 16, 2020

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