Eco-friendly Interior Designs for Your Kitchen

3 Modern And Eco-friendly Interior Designs for Your Kitchen

During the last few years, there has been a massive change in the perception of sustainable living for creating environmental awareness. From merchants to interior designers, every sector of the economy has initiated towards eco-friendly living. So has the construction sector. Even with the interior designing sector, you can see much of the ecological up-gradation to create a green kitchen. This article will take you to some of the most popular modern and eco-friendly interior designs for your kitchen. 


Green furnishing

Homebuyers show an increased interest in the types of furniture and materials that are durable and less expensive. But from a developer’s point of view, it is our responsibility to make sure that we use materials that are sustainable and long-lasting. Some of these green furnishings are known as ‘green’ because of the following pointers: 

  • Wood: Wooden shelves and tables are one of the most commonly used interior furniture for the kitchen. As wood is comparatively strong and highly durable, customers go for wooden furniture that is available in different colours and finishes. 
  • Medium-density fibreboard: Hardwood MDF with less formaldehyde emission levels creates more sustainability. 
  • Bamboo: One of the latest trends in kitchen interior designing is the furniture made of bamboo. You can also use kitchen cabinets that are made of bamboo for durability, easy maintenance and cleaning. 


Sustainable countertops

The interior design of your kitchen starts with your countertop, which is the highlighting feature of the room. While selecting countertops, go for ecological-surfaced countertops which are made of recycled materials like porcelain, glass, mirror and vitreous ash. 


Energy-efficient windows

Your kitchen needs an immense amount of energy coming in. That said, having a kitchen with energy-efficient windows that protect you from UV rays and excess heat can change the look and design of your room. Different kinds of eco-friendly windows are available in the market. You can choose the right one that perfectly matches your surroundings and aesthetics. 


Energy-efficient lighting

Indoor lights enlighten the room with warmth and ambience. Switching to energy-efficient lights that utilize natural light to the fullest is one of the viable ideas for designing your kitchen interiors. It also helps reduce electricity bills. 


Eco-friendly kitchen appliances

Today, there are plenty of smart kitchen appliances available in the market that help to reduce the electricity bills and save energy. Smart lighting, smart refrigerators, smart dishwasher and smart oven are some on the list. Before you buy a kitchen appliance, always make sure to check for the ‘energy-guide’ label. 



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Last updated on December 15, 2020

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