Vaastu & The Five Elements

The principles of Vaastu, connect the individual home with the subtle laws of nature, such as energy grid of the earth, beneficial earth energies, and cosmic energies from the sun.


They also align the home with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, which are called the Panchabhutas as per Vedic traditions.


Each of these five basic elements is energetically associated with a particular cardinal direction. This is not an arbitrary alignment but an acceptance of the subtle laws of nature.


By honouring the various elements and their primal energies, we live in greater harmony with nature.


Earth: Bhoomi


The earth element is associated with the south-west direction and is the best choice for locating the master bedroom. This also reinforces the position of the head of a family and acts like a solid and grounding element to the entire family.

Tip: Placing plants and having rocks or hills in this direction will prove beneficial.


Water: Jala


Northeast is the direction where the energy waves of the water element collect. This makes it the best place for locating indoor and outdoor water features and bodies – swimming pools, fountains, ponds, mini waterfalls and aquariums.

Tip: Water is frequently used as a metaphor for pure consciousness in the Vedic tradition.


Fire: Agni


The fire element is predominant in the south-east, so it is best for locating kitchens, computers and other electrical appliances. Digestion and transformation are also the realms of Agni.

Tip: To aid and honour this element, light diyas and non-toxic candles, always starting from the south-east of your home.


Air: Vaayu


The air element is liveliest in the north-west, so place your air coolers and air conditioners, and wind chimes in this area. The concept of movement, in general, is associated with this element and direction.

Tip: To enjoy the benefits of the prana in the air, try and practice pranayama. Sitting down, preferably with the windows open, will bring fresh air into your body and into the space surrounding it.


Space: Akasha


This element is directly linked to sound and silence. Akasha (ether) is the expansiveness in the centre of your home, the elements of energy and dynamic space dominate here.

The centre of every space is called the Brahmasthan – the interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the un-manifest.

Tip: Avoid placing a heavy object in this area. Honour the Brahmasthan by keeping it clear and clean, a revered space for life to flourish.


Now, that you know what the 5 elements of Vaastu are, use them well while planning your home décor.

Last updated on July 20, 2017

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