According to the traditional Indian practice of Vaastu, keeping house plants at home has several advantages. Some plants even offer unique advantages, such as success, balance, tranquillity, and many more, while others can clean the air and bring positivity into the home. These are the ideal Vaastu plants for a person’s space if they desire to give their home a little more optimism.


So don’t put it off any longer and continue reading to find out more about these incredible plants!


Money Plant: It is also regarded as one of the top plants for Vaastu in homes. The popular plant known for bringing luck and fortune is the money plant. According to Vaastu, a money plant should be planted at the northeast corner of the home. The money plant is reputed to clear the air and infuse any space with uplifting energy.


Tulsi Plant: Tulsi, a plant adored in Vaastu, is thought to provide peace and joy in the home. The best locations for a Tulsi plant, according to the Tulsi plant Vaastu, are toward the east, on a veranda, or close to a doorway. Being the direction of water, it helps to drive out all negative energies while fostering positive ones.


Jasmine Tree: A fragrant flower with many advantages, jasmine is one of the indoor plants recommended by Vaastu. It should be positioned indoors near a south-facing doorway for best effects. Because it attracts positive energy, the jasmine plant is said to promote compassion in relationships.


Tree of Ashoka: One of the most prosperous trees according to Vaastu Shastra is the Ashoka tree. The Ashoka tree is thought to increase both psychological and physical vigour. India is the home country of the Ashoka tree, sometimes referred to as the Sacred Fig tree. 


According to Vaastu Shastra, plants not only have a positive impact on the surroundings but also have several advantages. To attract prosperity and good fortune, one can keep a variety of plants in their home.


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Last updated on January 17, 2023

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