5 amazing ideas to up your house interior design game

What is more comforting than coming back to your home and feeling the warmth of your bed? But eventually, the same room, the same wall, the same curtains and furniture can bore you. This is quite a common feeling, especially when you are a housewife or someone who works from home, or stays at home most of the time. It is during such times, you feel the need to update your house-interiors without spending much. Here are 5 amazing ideas to transform your house into looking brand new:


Re-arrange the furniture

This is one of the most tried-and-tested ideas to redefine your home interiors with zero investment. When you start getting bored with your usual organized version of furniture, try re-arranging them. The living room is the perfect location to try this idea. You can re-arrange the sofas and side tables to a different angle.


Create an indoor gardening wall

Indoor gardening and plants are on high demand these days, as it matches with the modern home aesthetics. Also, a green wall can give a fresh look to your room. To have a budget-friendly green wall, you can attach some potted plants to the wall hanged or placed on a wooden slab to give a contemporary definition.


Change the curtains

Pastel shade curtains are the trend right now, which brings in more light to the room. It would be ideal for changing the curtains of every room, especially your bedroom. If you already have a pastel shade curtain, then try switching on to net-type curtains or white curtains that beautifully synchronizes with your room colour and design.


New paint for furniture

Gone are the days of dark wooden paint for furniture. You can incorporate white and subtle shaded paint to your interior to make it look brand new and modern. Also, trying something creative and unique is most welcomed to bring in freshness. You don’t have to paint your whole house for this, which is expensive and time-consuming.


Decorate your balcony

Let your balcony be that comfort zone of your house, where you love to spend some time breathing fresh air. You can hang a transparent curtain and place a good indoor succulent along with string lights and 2-3 cushions. Also, decorating your balcony wall with beautiful indoor wall plants or hanging plants can change the cliché look of the balcony.


A few bonus ideas to redefine your house interior design could be changing the lights and  switching to ambient lighting or buying some yellow shaded string lights and tablelamps to create a warm appearance. You can also paint the pots with different colours to make the room look colourful and vibrant. If you’re looking for an apartment that provides all the latest interior designs and luxuries, check out properties by Aparna Constructions.

Last updated on November 17, 2020

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