Classic home decoration ideas for apartments

The classic interior home decoration ideas are inspired by the Greek and Roman styles. It is one of the timeless home decors that provides balance and perfect harmony. But today, you can see a fusion of classic with modern designs to create a contemporary style. Whenever you choose interior design for your new home, you look for elegance and a statement.

A classic home décor idea looks good only if it’s a spacious house with large focal points. A large fireplace, a grand table, a large chandelier, an impressive stair, large-framed paints and so on and so forth. If you are looking to design your home interiors the classic way, these ideas should work great:


Know your colours and materials

A classic home décor uses minimalist colour and furniture. You can also make it look traditional with precious accessories, texture and finishes. Usually, a classic home wall will be in light colours – mostly white with black or dark contrast accessories. If you are not much into white colours, you can go for a natural colour palette like yellow, blue, and brown in soft tones. Off-white is a more traditional and most popular choice, and also white gives a fresh and updated look on the classic style.


Know your accessories and art

A room isn’t perfect unless you have accessorized it with the right décor items. To get that elegant, classic look, you can try placing one large artwork centred above a sideboard with two matching table lamps. The cushions also need to be matched with the colour and design. You can opt for contrast dark-coloured cushions for pastel-shaded sofa.



Flooring in a classic home décor style is neutral. Soft-coloured carpets or soft-brown wooden floors are generally used. As the flooring is neutral, the texture in the carpets or rugs plays a vital role in enhancing the style. Berber carpets, sisal rigs and hides are the preferred choices for a traditional style.


Curtains and lighting

The curtains of a classic home décor add a brilliant splash of colour, dimension and texture. Tall curtains that hang from the top ceiling instantly draw attention upward, creating an elongated effect. And when it comes to lighting, classic home décor is incomplete with large crystal chandeliers. A crystal chandelier can make a statement for your room, especially when it is fixed in the living room or entrance room. Today, there are plenty of modern designs and vintage-inspired models available in smaller proportions that benefit people who have less space.



Designing your home is a complex task, especially when there are so many styles to pick from and options to choose from. When considering the expense involved, many homebuyers look for a furnished new apartment that comes with class design and structure.  Check out the Aparna Construction’s projects to find out more.

Last updated on November 17, 2020

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