5 amenities to look for before buying a home in a gated community


Gated communities are increasingly becoming the top housing preference for many people. The benefits of a planned locality, residential safety and luxurious amenities make it extremely appealing for families to settle down in one. It offers the perfect set up for children to grow up playing in the lap of nature rather than being restricted within the four walls due to congested spaces outside.


However, there are a number of gated community amenities that one must check for before investing in the property with their hard-earned money. There are many things to check for other than suitable location and ease of conveyance. Here is the checklist of five gated community amenities that are indispensable to your comfort and well-being:


Uncompromising security: One of the top reasons for home buyers to opt for a gated community is to avail the facility of residential safety. The community access is denied or not easily given to outsiders who do not reside within the premise. This is one of the most important gated community amenities, especially for families with children and ageing parents. Due to limited access by outsiders, the traffic within the compound is also reduced considerably.



Children’s play area: The sad state of metropolitan cities is that children cannot breathe in the fresh air or play around due to risks of road accidents and lack of appropriate spaces. Such is not the case within a gated community and it is yet another essential amenity to ensure.



Recreational options: A well-built gated community should have ample scope for recreation for their residents. The several gated community amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, amphitheatre or mini-theatre and sometimes even supermarket are a must to enjoy life at its best. This also ensures that you do not have to travel further for relaxation and enjoyment at the end of a tiresome day.



Fitness centre: Every top-notch gated community will have provision for gymnasium and sport-related activities. The objective of living in a gated community is to avail the perks of fine living, effortlessly. With an extensive range of sports facilities like basketball court, tennis court, meditation halls and yoga lawns, one can fully relish life in a gated community.



Uninterrupted water and electricity supply: Cities face water scarcity and the problems become unmanageable during the peak season of summer. One of the vital gated community amenities is the assurance of unhindered water supply supported by no shortage of power supply. Through intelligent construction and green building techniques, most of the gated communities nowadays include 24×7 water and electricity supply.


If the gated community you have been eyeing for days does not include any of the amenities mentioned above, then it is not a wise option to choose. Aparna Constructions proudly boasts of all the above-mentioned gated community amenities that pave the way for a wonderful living experience. Engineered with passion and innovation, the housing project is located in all the prominent location of Hyderabad. So if you are on the hunt for a dream residence that is ideally suited for your growing children and ageing parents, do check out the fabulous gated communities of Aparna Constructions right here.

Last updated on September 5, 2019

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