5 DIY Ideas for the garden

Gardening is a hobby for many of us and especially one of the best things to do during the lockdown period. Whether in an apartment balcony or small backyard, having a small garden space and growing your yield is one of the most satisfying things you can do to protect nature and living. So, let’s look at the 5 DIY ideas for the garden that can relieve you from stress and emotional barriers.


1. Utilize all the plastic 

When it comes to gardening, not everyone will have a backyard to grow their produce. A significant share of the population still lives in flats and apartments where you have limited opportunities for gardening. Your options are restricted to balcony gardening and indoor gardening. And for them, the use of plastic containers and bottles can help decorate

your garden space. You can use a subtle color to paint the bottle and give a new appeal to your indoor space. Plastic bottles/containers are perfect for growing flower-filled planters, basil, strawberries, rosemary, spinach, spring onions, microgreens, etc.


2. Old car tyres for planters

Now that you necessarily don’t need a clay pot to grow planters, when there’s this cheap and most readily available car tyres for gardening. Old car tyres are one of the best DIY ideas for the garden, especially if you have a small backyard to accessorize it. If you already have a car and have a pair of unused or defective tyres, there’s no additional expense. Or else, you can contact your nearest automobile repair shop.


3. DIY succulent bowl garden

One of the best DIY ideas for indoor gardening is to make a DIY succulent bowl garden. Succulents are one of the cheapest and excellent choices for indoor gardeners as they require very less water and can withstand even in dry spells. Succulents match your indoor home decor easily by planting them in a glass bowl or wine glass.


4. Stair Step vertical gardening

For people who live in tall communities like the Aparna towers, the only source of self-gardening is to plant their produce either indoors or in the balcony. And if you live in a small-spaced apartment, then vertical gardening is the preferred choice. You can creepers, climbers and hangers in each to give a rich fauna look.


5. DIY hanging planters

Hanging planters do wonders on your indoor home decor with its design and structure. From a plastic bottle to wooden baskets, you can grow flower plants and small vegetables in it. It is one of the most natural DIY ideas for the garden.


That said, there are many DIY ideas you can do in your garden in just a day to make it look fresh and appealing. From those old clay pots to homemade fertilizers, gardening has been a lot more fun and creative for kids and elders.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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