Growing up in Aparna

We spend a lot of time thinking about the experiences that have made us the people we are.

As the years pass by, it’s just the memories of these experiences that we hold dear and wish to pass on to our kids and their kids. It’s this thing about memories, they grow fonder as time passes and we keep on wanting to relive them, to keep them alive. 

Our childhood makes for the fondest memories.

Waking up to the morning sunshine and the chirping of birds, blissfully starting the day. Surrounded by big beautiful trees and clean air with ample space and a big verandah to play in. Returning from school and rushing to meet with friends, running around in the sultry weather and returning home exhausted to have a good hot meal and retire for the day!

Now, in this ever-evolving, fast-paced world, to stop and think about trying to enjoy all those beautiful moments or to even give a similar childhood to our children sounds unrealistic and foolish! What’s closest to reliving old memories is to experience them through our kids. This is possible if you choose to reside in a community like Aparna.

Some things are passed on from generation to generation, they are timeless and enjoyed beyond the boundaries of age, for example – games! A few games that have stood the test of time are: 

  • Hopscotch: The ultimate test of your ability to hop on one foot was Hopscotch! Oh, the fun! Every generation gives things their own spin, the same with this super fun game of hopping around picking up the marker and proceeding! Our makeshift hopscotch used to be chalks and the tar road, but our kids get to hop on customized hopscotch blocks to enjoy the game better! 

  • Tug-of-war: The good ol’ tug of war! A pull here, a pull there and we all fall down! Tug of war is one outdoor game that brings out the team spirit in us and helps us grow stronger bonds. We’ve played tug of war at family picnics, school picnics and evening playtime! Now to see our kids play the game in an environment that’s safe, secured, and healthy, it’s just heart-warming!

  • Hide and seek: The evergreen hide and seek. The one game we played wherever we could, be it inside our houses or outside. The banter, the running around, it just never got old. When you see your kids run to hide under the bed or behind your well-built self, you can only smile at the fact that how time has passed and yet some things have remained just the same!

Kids Playing Aparna Constructions

  • Ludo: While summer breaks were the most awaited breaks, they would also be a little boring because the heat and our mothers would keep us indoors. That’s when Ludo and Snakes & Ladders would come to our rescue! Enjoying multiple rounds of these games sipping on our refreshing glasses of Rasna! 

  • Colours: The best pass time of all times was picking up that box of broken crayons and letting loose our creativity on whatever we found (including the walls of our home and then getting scolded for doing so!). At Aparna Communities, we ensure tranquillity and beauty to inspire the little budding artist in your child. There is ample room and provision for your child to play with their imagination and beautiful colours! 

Painting, drawing kids at Aparna Constructions Communities

  • Gully cricket: What’s even gully cricket, if you’ve never tossed a coin to decide who’d jump the boundary wall to get back the ball? As stressful as it appears to be, that was the definition of adventure back in the day. Today, there are cricket clubs, and dedicated pitches and bowling nets in communities that help kids develop their skills and passion for the sport!

To be able to pass on these timeless games and the wonderful memories they’ve helped us make, we’ve created the kid’s corners in all Aparna Communities. We provide a toxin-free environment and use renewable energy sources to make this possible. 

Right from the kid’s swimming pool to practicing nets for cricket, we’ve got everything for children of all age groups. Aparna communities have sports arenas, dedicated play areas, screening rooms, party halls, 80% open space, lush greenery, and like-minded neighbours to enjoy life experiences with! While we wish to keep your childhood memories intact, we wish for our community kids to have it just like yours and even better! With the best of amenities and provisions, we want our children to grow up in a healthy and secure environment. So that one day, when they have kids, they’ll have even better stories to tell.

Last updated on July 6, 2020

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