5 reasons why you should think about real estate investment in Bangalore

Bengaluru continues to be one of the fastest growing metropolises in the country. Encouraging realty trends, along with a multi-cultural population, temperate climate and excellent infrastructure, make a real estate investment in Bengaluru a smart choice.


With the rapid expansion of the IT sector, Bengaluru has witnessed a lot of migration from around the country. In the past decade, the city has grown in terms of connectivity, infrastructure and work opportunities. Undoubtedly it is one of the leading cities in terms of development. With a comparatively stable real estate market, it is an opportune time for real estate investment in Bengaluru. Here are a few reasons why Bengaluru is an ideal choice for real estate investment.


Silicon Valley Of India

Bengaluru has established itself as the nucleus of the Indian IT sector. The city is home to various IT parks which attracts talent from all over the country. Moreover, many major and pioneering start-up companies have chosen Bengaluru as their base. This has led to an increase in the construction of premium residential projects and excellent infrastructure. This makes real estate investment in Bengaluru an excellent choice.


Cosmopolitan City

Bengaluru is diverse and attracts a varied resident profile from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, making it home to a unique mix of individuals. This cosmopolitan city has emerged as one of the fastest developing metropolises. The city boasts of a flourishing start-up ecosystem, sound infrastructure, enhanced commercial activities, renowned educational and research institutes, and above all – a proactive government body which strives towards driving growth and development in the city. People from all across the globe have migrated to Bengaluru, to settle in and build a career base.


Luxury Residential Projects

There has been an increase in the number of high-end residential projects across parts of the city, especially in and around East and North Bengaluru. Projects by renowned developers are paving the way for high-end real estate investment in Bengaluru. The demand for luxury apartments in the city is increasing, especially among NRIs and migrant professionals.


Consistent ROI

With an increase in the number of citizens on the lookout for housing units, the city’s real estate demand is witnessing a positive shift. One of the most important factors spurring real estate growth is the ballooning of manufacturing hubs, IT parks and SEZs across the city. These commercial centres have also seen the highest demand and appreciation for residential property. Due to stable realty market conditions, steady price rates and the absence of drastic fluctuations – the market is seen as an ideal destination to invest in. International investors prefer investing in Bengaluru because the city paves the way for lucrative returns while investors gain favourable government policies. Multiple policies have also been designed and established with the sole purpose of attracting foreign investment, giving Bengaluru a competitive edge over other cities in India.


Student Centre

Bengaluru has always been known as a haven for students, with several nationally ranked educational institutions in the city. Coupled with ample job opportunities in the IT industry, this has led to a steady demand for apartments in Bengaluru, especially near IT Parks in North Bengaluru.

Last updated on October 19, 2019

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