5 tips to keep your home cooler as the heat starts to rise

Summer is around the corner and so is the fight with the soaring heat, especially in Hyderabad. Nights are often spent by tossing and turning in bed with little sleep, sweat and brutal heat. Other than the regular air conditioner and air cooler, another predominant question is how to keep home cool in summer?


So, here we are with bagful of smart hacks and ways which can help you to keep home cool in summer. Let’s take a peek into all of those:


  1.       Facilitate Cross Ventilate

Cross ventilation is one of the first things that you need to look after if you want to figure out how to keep home cool in summer. Opening the windows and doors ajar enables the breeze to pass and creates a cool environment. Along with that, it is also important to keep those windows and door open when the outside is pleasantly cool. It does make a lot of difference to the atmosphere inside your house.


  1.       Get the Nature indoor

Plants, shrubs and vines act as the living air-conditioner and strategically placing them helps to cool your home effectively. Also, make sure to block the sun rays by placing plants on both east and west side of your home. You can also grow climbers, creepers, etc. to keep the inside of the house a little cold than outside.


  1.       Get blinders which breathe

As the summer sun rises up, so goes the scorching heat. It heats up everything and that’s why keeping your interiors cool becomes extremely crucial. Light colored cotton curtains preferably in pastel shade will help you to keep the space around a little cooler. But, you can also use jute blinders, bamboo shades, to keep the summer heat at bay and let the breeze blow. However, one important factor is to ensure to draw the curtains/blinders before stepping out of the house, to stop your house heating up like a greenhouse.


  1.       Summer Window Boxes

Plants in any form clearly provide a soothing effect from the burning summer sun. So, growing plants near your windows is another way out to keep your home cooler.  Window planters are gaining popularity in India where little potted plants are kept on the window ledge to reduce humidity and cool the hot air flowing in and around your room. Besides, the colours add vibrancy to the room and windows.


  1.       Random hacks

Random hacks like hanging a wet sheet from the window, will help you to cool down the space around you. Another way to cool the place is by using jute or hemp rugs and using them as curtain to cool the entire place. These wet rugs give you the feeling of a naturally air-conditioned environment, when the breeze blows through it.


But, all these hacks or tips are only a handful; let us know if you have anything interesting on how to keep home cool in summer. We’ll love to hear from you.

Last updated on April 7, 2019

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