5 Decor Ideas for your Apartment that you need to Checkout Now

5 Top-Notch Home Decor Ideas for a Modern Apartment’s Elevation

Building your dream home? There are two pivotal metrics that you must account for – the floor plan and the front elevation. Front elevation designs hold significant importance in the architecture of your apartment as that’s the first thing anyone notices about a property. A sophisticated and modern apartment elevation design can add value to your property while creating a distinct look.

Below are the top 5 home décor ideas for modern apartment elevation that can take the aesthetics of your home to the next level.

Euro House Elevation
The front elevation of European homes is characterized by high, sloping roofs resembling large triangles. Euro house elevation designs prioritize insulation as they originated in colder areas of the world. This modern apartment elevation design relies extensively on bricks and stones for the walls and wooden tiles for the roof.

Bungalow House Elevation
A cottage-style modern apartment elevation design can look trendy if you are building a single-storey bungalow with a partial second floor. A protruding chimney-like structure on a flat roof can look elegant and elevate the visual appeal of any independent bungalow. Ensure you don’t compromise on the quality of construction materials to get the desired look.

Eco-friendly House Elevation
Are you a climate-conscious and environmentally-friendly homebuyer? This eco-friendly house elevation décor idea will suit you best. Consider a high façade in white or sandy tones to keep the interiors of your house cool and reflect sunshine at precise angles. Position the windows smartly to regulate the light you get inside and surround your home with greenery.

Colonial House Elevation
Colonial homes are distinguished by large pillars, double-stretched windows with tiny balconies and shutters. They are built in a closed-form resembling a saltbox and the walls are often painted in vibrant colours for a royal feel. The colonial home usually has a central hall with a staircase connecting it with the upper stories. This elevation design can add grandeur to your living space like no other.

Wooden Front Elevation
Timber wood is a sought-after choice for accentuating the look of a structure and adding to its curb appeal. It also comes with countless benefits such as resistance to rot, termites and insects. It can give your home an effortless makeover and doesn’t demand hard labour for upkeep.

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Last updated on February 26, 2022

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