5 ways you can capitalize on the rapidly rising land rates in Hyderabad

The real estate market in the city is mature in both commercial and residential segments. Of all the metro cities in India, Hyderabad is the most reasonably and affordably priced. Accordingly, land rates in Hyderabad have been steadily growing year on year. Over the past decade, commercial development in Hyderabad has thrived leading to improvement in the job scenario as well as infrastructure development. This maintains the consumer interest in the city.


As living space and open plots are becoming scarcer, land rates in Hyderabad are rising with the top localities being Kompally, Patancheru and other areas in close proximity to the Outer Ring Road. These areas are becoming popular due to the development of gated communities in the locality and their convenient location maintaining connectivity to the city in a serene surrounding away from the bustle.


Despite the fast-moving land rates in Hyderabad, it is an excellent time to invest in plots, especially in a gated community. Here is how you can capitalize on rising land rates in Hyderabad.


The Time Is Right To Invest

You must participate to be rewarded. As rates continue to rise, delaying purchase will only result in paying a higher price later on. From a long-term perspective, investing in plots in Hyderabad is highly profitable. Low-priced plots are a preferred option, as they allow a greater scope for price appreciation. In India, Hyderabad is the most popular city for its vast land availability and affordability.


Emerging Residential Hubs

Localities such as Kompally and Patancheru are emerging as popular residential hubs with excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. Localities in close proximity to the Outer Ring Road with transport connections are likely to offer high-potential yields in the long term. Land rates will only rise as development increases in these localities.


Save Your Spot

Reserving your plots in these emerging localities will prove beneficial to you in the future. Plots provide excellent security in the long run as you can build your dream home when the time is right for you.


Worry-Free Possession

Purchasing a plot of land ensures that you have possession of the property, regardless if the villa is built or not. You can build at your own pace without any worry. The rising land rates will only work in your favour for your investment.


Gated Community Benefits

Purchasing villa plots in a gated community give you the added benefits of security, maintenance, power backup and other facilities in addition to the investment itself. These modern amenities add further value to your plot investment as land rates rise.

Last updated on October 19, 2019

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