7 reasons for the rapid rise of real estate prices in Hyderabad

The Economic Times had reported last year that Hyderabad stands out as the sole city in the country whose average property sales have increased by 32% in between 2013-2014 and 2017. The major cause for the boom of real estate prices in Hyderabad is the infrastructural initiatives and developmental plans as approved by the Government. The city has witnessed an astounding growth with more youth population migrating from various corners of the country and settling down here for an amazing lifestyle and work opportunities. Let us elaborate on the various factors which have favoured the spike in real estate prices in Hyderabad.

  • Home to MNCs and IT Parks: The capital city of Telangana is a major IT hub of India and brimming with opportunities in the corporate and private sectors. From the global MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, Google to blue-chip companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys; the horizon of corporate world is expanding day by day in this city.
  • Affordable cost of living: Unlike other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru; the cost of living in Hyderabad is quite affordable and overall ambience here quite amicable. This is one major reason for the increase in real estate prices in Hyderabad as it has turned out to be a favourite among the settlers.
  • Rapid infrastructural development: The city’s ambitious project to improve the connectivity via metro rail is a statement in itself. Apart from the flourishing trade opportunities with global companies, a lot is being invested to revamp the look of the city and turn it more global and modernised.
  • Viable spot for investors and businessmen: Numerous laws have been executed to improve the ease of conducting investment businesses in Hyderabad. The Government eagerly welcomes any upcoming business venture that may profit the city and its settlers.
  • Diversity in food and culture: Real estate business is prospering in Hyderabad because the populace consists of different communities with varied tastes and thus there is rising need to cater for all of them. From rentals to lavish apartments, there is always a demand for living spaces in this city.
  • Business-friendly environment: The city of pearls promotes favourable business environment. Post the bifurcation in 2014, a stabilized Government has given various investors a viable platform to expand their business in Hyderabad.
  • Upcoming residential projects: The city is all about promoting the best quality of living with green spaces and sensible construction plans. The real estate prices in Hyderabad are soaring owing to the wide emergence of fabulous living spaces. For instance the premium chain of skyline gated communities, Aparna One is rapidly evolving to become the city’s favourite residential project.

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Last updated on May 20, 2019

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