Best 2BHK Apartments In Hyderabad For Sale

The best 2BHK apartments in Hyderabad for sale entail more than just the quality of the apartment and amenities. The location of the apartment is just as an important aspect, for both homeowners and investors. Once you have decided that it is the right time to buy, you need to work on finding a 2BHK apartment in a location that matches your requirements.

When choosing a 2BHK apartment, it is important to consider how the location is connected to the rest of Hyderabad. Both your work and recreational activities will be dependent on the location of your home. It is also important to consider the growth potential of the area. If businesses are growing in the area then there is a good chance that the value of the residential properties will also increase.

Taking Nallagandla and Kompally as examples, here are the important aspects you should consider when choosing among the best 2BHK apartments in Hyderabad.


2BHK Apartments In Nallagandla

2BHK apartments in Nallagandla check both boxes in terms of convenient locality and strong business environment outlook. While many areas in Hyderabad have witnessed strong growth over the past few years, the potential for more growth is still immense with Nallagandla being a prime example.

Nallagandla has a growing business environment that benefits from its close proximity to HITEC City and Gachibowli. As more and more companies set up their offices at the IT and Financial hubs, residences for employees become highly sought after, especially 2BHK apartments which are perfect for young families.

Nallagandla is well connected to the rest of Hyderabad. The area is located between the Outer Ring Road and the Old Mumbai Road, which makes it easily accessible to important parts of the city. As Nallagandla itself rapidly emerges as a prime residential destination, the area also benefits from the already established social and civic infrastructure in Lingampally and BHEL Township. Nallagandla is characterized by wide roads, pollution-free environment and lush greenery.

2BHK apartments in Nallagandla are highly sought after because of their convenient proximity to IT hubs as well as numerous restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment centres. While Nallagandla continues to develop rapidly, the best 2BHK apartments for sale are becoming less available. The time is right to invest in a 2BHK apartment in Nallagandla.


2BHK Apartments In Kompally

2BHK apartments in Kompally are a perfectly affordable option for your first home. Kompally is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Hyderabad. Its connectivity with business hubs and its affordability is continuously attracting buyers. As interest in the area has grown, so too has the social infrastructure with numerous malls, theatres, hospitals and schools in the area.

Kompally has witnessed tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. 2BHK apartments in Kompally are one of the most sought-after options for first-time home buyers and seasoned property investors alike. Home buyers are benefited by the affordable prices. Property investors get the advantage of Kompally’s connectivity to business hubs across Hyderabad, which makes it a prime rental property.

With its convenient access to IT hubs including HITEC City and Mahindra Tech Park, Kompally offers numerous 2BHK apartments for sale that cater to IT professionals and young families. Kompally is also home to some of Hyderabad’s best-gated communities with all the modern amenities and peaceful environment – and without compromising on affordability and value. 2BHK apartments in Kompally offer the best of both worlds with modern amenities and natural surroundings. Combined with its continuously improving infrastructure and connectivity to major areas of Hyderabad, Kompally is one of the best localities in Hyderabad to live and invest in the future.

Last updated on August 6, 2018

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