Buying a house is a big decision. You don’t want to make a wrong decision or a bad choice by depending on a third person – a real estate agent. The expenses and process of buying a house might be overwhelming but it’s not something you cannot handle on your own. Moreover, buying a house directly from the builder has its own advantages.


Here are the benefits of buying a house from a builder than an agent:


  • Less expensive

Buying directly from the builder/ construction company saves your money. This is one of the obvious advantages because since there will be no agent involved, there will be no need to pay any agent’s commission. This saves up to 5 to 6 per cent of your expenditure.


  • No middleman; faster process

As there will be a direct contact with the builder, you can communicate with him as and when you like. When there is a realtor involved you mostly pass on your queries or messages to the builder through him. Since the agent will be catering to other buyers too simultaneously apart from you, the process of communication and call back make take a while and delay your purchasing process.


  • Wider options to choose from

Nowadays with many online property search engines, you can house hunt on your own with just a click of a button. Reputed builders too now have their own websites. Such options are very layman-friendly and reduce the need for hiring an agent. You can check out a vast range of the properties as per your specifications. The more the options to choose from, the better your house selection decision will be. While, the realtor may be selective and introduce you to only those builders from whom he receives commissions, thus limiting your options.


  • You become worldly wise

Many hire an agent to handle all the cumbersome paperwork involved in a property transaction. This makes you too dependent and vulnerable. With the help of a family lawyer, you too can tackle the legalities with ease. It may be a little time consuming but is surely worth the effort. Not only is the purchase more foolproof but you also learn a lot in the process which can help you in the future as well.


  • A more authentic source of information

An agent may not have a detailed or thorough knowledge about the house especially related to matters concerning the architecture and engineering involved. Dealing with the builder directly can give a better insight into the technical aspects, materials used, etc.


Buying a house is not just an activity. It is an experience which can be beneficial and enjoyed better if you are free from the interference of an agent. For a hassle-free and enriching experience visit Aparna Constructions today!

Last updated on March 1, 2018

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