An entire hall full of stalls and booths belonging to different builders and developers all waiting for your perusal – this is a typical scene you’d expect at a property expo.  In the real estate world, property exhibitions or expos are gaining popularity of late. Read on to know what you can expect from a property expo.


5 things to keep in mind before going to a property expo:


  • Be clear with what you want

Before you land at the expo make sure you decide some basic things –


  1. What type of property do you want? (apartment, villa, etc.);
  2. your budget based on your saving, investments and loan capacity;
  3. Where would you like to buy? The location(s) should be narrowed down to keeping in mind the facilities available in that area, affordability and distance from your office, etc.

Having all these factors fixed in your mind prevents you from wasting time at booths that do not fall under your scope of specifications. It helps you stay focused on the deals or options that really matter.


  • Research well

Check out all the builders/ developers participating in the expo, prior to the event. Go through their websites. Get to know what they make, where and their standing. Match their services with your requirements. This helps you to make a mental list of which booths you should not give a miss at all.


  • Read the reviews

Get to know what the existing residents or buyers have to say about the construction company or the venture. This can be done by going through their respective social media platforms and reviewing websites. Give a glance to the complaints or issues raised by the public and make a list of questions accordingly that you would like to clarify at the expo.


  • Have an open mind

Have it straight in your head that you are going to the expo only to explore the various options. Do not be in a hurry to buy. You might like 2 or 3 ventures simultaneously. The marketing and sales agents may try their best to persuade you. That is why consider the options peacefully and patiently once you come out of the expo.


  • Have a meticulous mindset

Equip yourself with a notepad and pen or your phone so that at the expo you can note down all the vital details of the ventures that interest you. This will avoid any confusion while decision making. Also take a folder along with you to collect all the brochures and leaflets you get, in an organized manner. These printouts will as a reference for any info that you may have missed out.


Now that you have your property expo checklist ready, why not explore some ventures right now? Visit Aparna Constructions to know what are the latest property options available.



Last updated on March 1, 2018

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