Best Features Of A Luxury Home Automation System

If you’re thinking of investing in a smart home system, there are certain features that set the best home automation systems apart. Here are the best features of a home automation system for your luxury home.


Universal Platform & Control


One of the best features of a home automation system is that it acts as a universal control system for the variety of technologies throughout your home. A home automation system can control everything from your lights and motorized shades to your TVs and speakers to even your smart home security system.


If you already own smart home devices, you can programme your system so that those devices can integrate with your smart home interface. Home automation technology is designed to add convenience to your lifestyle. If you’re using each device independently, using several remotes or several mobile applications to control them, you aren’t necessarily making the most of your system.


With the right home automation system, all of those technologies are merged into a single, universal system that you can access from a variety of interfaces. You can use a universal remote that features a touchscreen and voice control technology. You can also use a touchscreen panel or your own smartphone or tablet to control your home automation system.


Simple User Interface


The best home automation systems have a sleek user interface that prioritizes a smooth user experience. The user interface is split by the rooms in your home, allowing you to select and control the technologies in each room easily. This makes control of your audio-video systems incredibly simple. If you want to watch TV, just go into the app, click the room you want to watch from, select the video source, and the user interface will turn into an interactive remote for your TV. You also can experience this level of simplified control for your multi-room speaker system. Your device of choice can control any TV or speaker in your entire house. Another feature of the best home automation systems is that it is easy to browse with large logos, responsiveness and easy access to control your most-used technologies.



Remote Access


Another feature of the best home automation systems is that they include built-in remote access.

With an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control your smart home system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Want to turn on the air conditioner ahead of your arrival after a long day of work? Forget to activate your home security system as you rush out the door? With remote access, you can control all of the smart systems in your home, even when you are dozens – perhaps thousands – of miles away.

Last updated on April 7, 2019

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