Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification

From cleaner air to creative decorations, there are so many benefits of growing plants inside your house. As often said, it’s the smaller things that make a big difference and growing these best indoor plants in your house can actually make a lot of difference!


It can be hard to know which varieties are more suitable for indoor environments and how to properly care for them. Apart from that, another big challenge is to figure out if your house does have sufficient space for the plants.


Choosing the right plant can add so much to your house. Apart from the beauty it also purifies and makes your home tranquil. Most of these plants are perfect for beginners and as your confidence grows, you can keep on adding more of these, These small air purifying plants take up minimal space and most of them do not even require much sunlight. Here are the best indoor plants that perfectly fit your needs!




Begonias are becoming very popular among buyers as many varieties make amazing indoor foliage plants. Like aloe plants, these too need their soil to dry out in between the watering sessions. Also, this little best indoor plant responds well to fluorescent light, so you can have a begonia in your office as well.


Aloe plant


Aloe Vera plants prefer bright but indirect sunlight. While it thrives in moist soil, you may not have to water it regularly. Aloe Vera plant is a common indoor plant in India and is also a lot more useful than one can imagine. It helps to treat and heal the cuts and burns and the best part about owning an aloe is that these plants produce plantlets. You can easily remove these baby plants to plant a new one.




Abutilon is often grown in containers or beds and is a tropical shrub that likes bright light. Abutilon is considered to be a bit of an old-school plant but still, with its beautiful bell-shaped leaves of salmon, red, white, or yellow, it makes an interesting house plant. These plants should be placed in full sun or well-lit areas with moist soil.




With lush multi-coloured leaves, caladiums have become one of the most popular plants to have in your garden area. Growing Caladium is easy but needs proper care. These tropical plants can be grown in containers or can be clumped together. Caladium needs to be watered regularly and especially more during the dry season. With proper care, these awesome plants can survive for years.


Areca Palm


The fun fact about Areca Palm is that these plants were once endangered but today these best indoor plants are most widely used as palms for interiors. As these palms are not very short, they do need a little extra care and attention. The key to growing a healthy Areca Palm is providing just the right amount of light. Growing them indoors isn’t difficult and you need to water the plant just enough to keep the soil moist.


Snake plants


Snake plants are known to make your interiors look aesthetically appealing. These exquisite plants can grow anywhere from 6 inches to several feet. Additionally, snake plants have a number of health benefits like filtering out the air and removing toxic pollutants. They are resilient, hardy plants and survive in a relatively dry environment, both indoors and outdoors.


Peace lilies


Peace lilies are low in maintenance and highly adaptable houseplants. However, peace lilies are not true lilies but do belong to the lily family. There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and types of peace lilies that you can choose from. They prefer partial shade and can grow indoors. One of the biggest pros of owning a peace lily is that it will tell you when it needs water as the plant tends to sag a little when dehydrated. All you need to do is to water it once a week.




Cacti thrive in natural sunlight and only need to be watered once a week during the summers and every three weeks during winter. The best part about cacti is that these plants not only revamp the look of your house but also lift your mood. These small plants are perfect to be placed in the bedroom or even in the kitchen.


Spider plants


The spider plant is yet another plant considered to be more adaptable than others. These house plants are the easiest to grow and can grow in a wide range of conditions. Caring for these plants is easy. All you need to provide is well-drained soil and bright but indirect natural light. Make sure you water them well and not make them too soggy.


Rubber tree Plant


Rubber tree plants are yet another popular household plant because of their larger-than-life appearance. These plants are known for their beautiful leaves and great height. They come in various shapes and sizes and complement any décor or theme. They require just the right amount of light and water. They prefer bright but indirect sunlight and more water during the summers. Remember to keep the soil moist.

Last updated on July 23, 2021

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