Let your house breathe with indoor plants:

The interiors of a home are a reflection of one’s personal style and the ambience they want to create. It may be edgy, modern, classy, elegant or cosy. During the process of decorating a home, we often things of many ways to design a house, it may be as simple as adding photo frames, putting on fresh flowers or adding some decor to the side tables and the walls. But, often we forget the easiest way to embellish a home is to add indoor plants into the mix.

Placing indoor plants in a home instantly livens up the decor. Indoor plants can soften the look and feel of a home. It definitely upgrades the appeal of the home interiors. Plants can give a drab space a very refreshing look. Other than an attractive aesthetic appeal, indoor plants have a major influence in the house.

Here are a few ways in which indoor plants for a home can help:


1. Easier to breathe:

We breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants inhale carbon dioxide and give out fresh oxygen. People and plants are the best partners. Hence with the astonishing levels of growing pollution, your home becomes your personal oxygen zone. Place plants such as orchids, succulents, bromeliads in your bedroom and sleep peacefully. These plants give out oxygen at night as well.


2. Clean and pure air:

With airtight spaces and buildings all around us, ventilation is a difficult aspect to figure out in some of the houses. But, with indoor plants, it is easier to trap the volatile organic compounds which can be harmful to health. Houseplants can remove about 87% of the toxins from the air. They absorb the dust, smoke and pull these contaminants into the soil.


3. Reduces stress:

It is easier to overcome stress when one is around natural surroundings. Indoor plants aid in giving that appeal to a house. Plants can make it comfortable enough for a person to relax and even create a positive environment in the house. It propels a lot of peace and can aid in reducing unnecessary stress. They are also said to bring luck and prosperity into a household. Plants such as bamboo can gravitate to a relaxed and loving atmosphere in a home.


4. Reduces noise levels:

A lesser-known benefit of plants is that they can absorb noises. The stems, leaves, branches and wood of the house plants can absorb the sound. It works efficiently and we are welcomed into a silent and cool cocoon.


5. Sharpens focus and creativity:

According to studies, it is observed that when plants are placed in the home offices or classrooms there is an increased level of productivity and are able to focus more on work. People also tend to be more creative because of the presence of greens in their home. They elevate the mood levels and create a fatigue less environment.

Let your home breathe in the positivity that appears from the indoor plants. Go green and feel your life at home becoming stress-free and absolutely chilled.

Last updated on April 10, 2018

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