The purpose of the lighting in your home is to make it easier for you to see. They can do much more nevertheless. Home lighting can help create an atmosphere and add personality to your space, much like your floor […]

Most of us dream about owning an ideal dream home surrounded by natural beauty. When we invest in a nicer house, we expect it to have an ocean or harbor view. Views of nature soothe our minds and lives, and […]

A smart home is a new home. Home automation systems are on the rise in India as a result of internet connectivity and consumer demand. With the collection of applications that work together to form a “connected home,” the smart […]

While many of us are already aware of the importance of fresh air circulation inside and outside the living spaces, many still focus on other aspects of the home like- the colors of the walls, flooring, interior, and floor designs. […]

Every time we visit a park nearby or go on a vacation and stay in a farmhouse, one thing that often comes to our mind is wanting to stay there forever. The aspect we love the most is being close […]

In the last few years, we have gone through a wide range of hurdles which eventually helped us understand the necessity of nature in our daily life. The depleting green cover and the rapidly evolving urban infrastructure caused quite a […]

The culture of living in gated communities is increasing in India with time. Especially ever since the pandemic hit us, people are opting to go ahead with the gated communities. The data from the last few years prove this. Today, […]

Gated communities offer an ideal environment for the physical and emotional well-being of children. With varied amenities that cater to a child’s growing needs, gated communities have gained great popularity among homebuyers in India. From safety features to spacious play […]

If you are trying to figure how to achieve a good work-life balance, we have good news for you. Living in gated apartment communities can make your life much easier compared to living in individual houses. Work-life balance can be […]

Choosing kids-friendly homes can be difficult. There are various needs that should meet the criteria for your child’s safe & healthy growth.    Neighbourhood –  A noisy neighbourhood is a big ‘NO!’. It will not only hamper your child’s sleep […]

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