Owing to the rising awareness about climate change, residential projects nowadays are incorporating sustainable features within their plan. Aparna One is one such luxury apartment that is IGBC pre-approved and complies by the green building techniques of construction. Hence, the […]

While buying properties, it is highly unlikely not to compare properties from their price, location, etc. But among all of these, buying it from the right builders also is very crucial. With all the genuine certificates and contracts, Aparna construction […]

Apartments in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is today a hotspot on the realty radar with an increasing number of players entering this space. The IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds and leading to an increase in demand for apartments, both for living and […]

The realty in Hyderabad is shaping up differently and how. While the picture is different in other cities, Hyderabad ticks all the right boxes, when it comes to social and physical infrastructure, employment opportunities in the IT sector as well […]

“Disruptive innovations are best introduced in the low-income and high potential markets.” An area is considered developed when there is a prospective growth to the residents which improves their quality of living over the time. India is continuously striving to […]

It is no secret that living space is becoming scarcer and land rates everywhere are skyrocketing. The story of plots in Hyderabad is no different. Land rates in Hyderabad are on the rise, with the top localities being Ameerpet, Hyderguda, […]

Luxury properties have long been considered a valuable, high-appreciation investment. Choosing the right location for your property is one of the most important aspects for consideration. In Hyderabad, the Chandanagar area is a rapidly growing area not only in terms […]

Without a doubt, it is the season of real estate slump. However, despite all the adversities, there is one Indian city where the real estate market is witnessing unprecedented growth. Out of the 7 major Indian cities, Hyderabad is the […]

In the last few years, Hyderabad has become a realty hotspot with high demand for commercial and residential properties. According to CBRE India’s report ‘The come back of Hyderabad’, the city is regaining prominence as one of the leading destinations […]

Despite the recent slowdown of the real estate market, the buy-to-let strategy is still the best possible option for real estate investors looking to maximize their returns. The buy-to-let concept, which refers to purchasing a property with the intention to […]

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