De-Clutter Your House like a Professional

What’s worse than having a long, tiring day at work?

Coming back home to find it in a mess!

Be it the sticky kitchen counters, unattended laundry or unorganized shoe closet, we all struggle to find the time, motivation and tools to stay on top of everything!

Here are 4 efficient organizing tips to help you de-clutter like a pro:




The most used room in the house; the kitchen is most likely to be the dirtiest too. But tackling this room need not be a mammoth task. It’s always wise to plan your cleaning routine the night before. If the menu is planned beforehand, then pre-cooking preparations can be done the previous night. This will help create less mess in the morning.


Living room


With maximum footfalls from the entire household, this room is not only vulnerable to dust but also most likely to get messy. Create a niche outside the main entrance where family and guests can remove their footwear to avoid getting dirt inside the house.

Other than that, keep your shelves and table tops as empty as possible. Though if there are some items that you’d like to display, make sure you dust them once every fortnight. You can also save a lot of stress by choosing dark furniture for the living room.




Nothing beats the peaceful feeling of drifting off to sleep in a bedroom that is neat and clutter-free. As a matter of fact, most of the clutter in the bedroom is work-related things that have no particular storage space. If you too are someone with a desk full of work files, laptop, and coffee mugs in your bedroom, you must really try repositioning your desk far from the bed. Also, make it a habit of restoring things to their original positions as soon as you are done using them.




To begin with, toss out the empty shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste bottles. Making separate sections for men, women and the kid in the bathroom will not only make your bathroom organized and clutter-free, but would also make it easier for you to find your things. You may also buy bathroom corners and stands that can be placed above the mirror or under the sink to keep it neat!


Many begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious and defeated around the idea of de-cluttering their homes. Just make sure you follow these tips so your de-cluttering journey doesn’t become as painful as you imagined.

Last updated on March 12, 2018

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