It is one thing to buy a dream home but it’s another to make it look like one. Often buying a home in the urban areas can make you compromise on the size due to budget constraints. That is why we have brought you a comprehensive guide that will help you decorate small spaces. These tips will not only make your house aesthetically appealing and seemingly spacious but also help you utilize every nook and corner in an optimum manner.


Here’s how you can decorate small spaces right:

  • The right furniture –

    The size of your furniture should be in proportion to the size of your room.

    • A bulky and multi-cushioned sofa can make a small living room look stuffy and cramped. Instead, opting for a sleek armed sofa that’s tightly upholstered can be a more spacious choice.
    • To avoid a claustrophobic look, choose furniture items that have a lightweight appearance.
    • Let your furniture breath. Make sure there is at least some space between each and every furniture piece. Maintain a minimum 6-inch space between the furniture and the wall.
    • For the corners, choose triangular side tables and cabinets for optimum coverage.
    • Select side tables and stools that have racks.


  • Create space – 

    • In the bedrooms, opt for portable shelves or cabinets that can be stacked on top of each other.
    • Go for cabinets or shelves that are either without a door or are with sliding doors. This will help you save the space that would have been lost in facilitating in an opening and closing the doors.
    • Make your existing closets and cupboards more spacious. At the sides of the cabinets fix up multipurpose hooks to stack things that need to be hanged. You could also screw on portable racks on the sides.


  • The right furnishings – 

    • Decorate your walls will artistic mirrors. The reflection or multiplication effect will make your living room look bigger. If possible place a big mirror on the wall opposite to the windowed wall. The reflection of the outside view will give an open and voluminous look. The reflection of both natural and artificial light will brighten up the room further.
    • Settle for a single large carpet that covers up almost the entire room leaving 12 inches from the walls. Using an array of smaller carpets or rugs can make the room look jammed.
    • Light, pastel shades and single colored curtains and carpets bestow a roomy look to any room. Avoid furnishings that have bold patterns.


Apart from these tips, choosing a builder who also has an understanding of aesthetics and interiors can help you decorate your house in a more practical manner. For the best combination of architecture and aesthetics visit Aparna Constructions.

Last updated on May 3, 2018

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