When you buy a home what all do you pay for? Apart from the land, construction charges and taxes you also pay for the amenities. Amenities are the facilities that are provided by the builder at the premises of your apartment or gated community. The amenities can range from the water supply and electricity supply to spas, gyms, clubhouse, etc. Since your monthly maintenance expenses will be determined by the amenities available, it’s necessary to choose the right amenities while buying a home.


Here’s a guide to building a house checklist and choosing the right amenities:


  • Keep your budget in mind:

The more the amenities and the more sophisticated they are, the more your monthly maintenance charges will be. That is why while buying a house make an assessment of whether the amenities are affordable or not. Their maintenance should not become an added toll to your burden of EMIs of your home loan, car loan, etc.


  • Make a list of the essentials and the non-essentials:

A home is livable only if the basic amenities are available. Make sure that your builder provides you the essential facilities like 24/7 water supply, electricity supply, elevators, power back up (especially for high raised buildings), parking lot, security system, etc.


  • Quality v/s quantity:

Your builder might lure you with a huge range of amenities but make sure they are of standardized quality. Enquire about the brands used for the lift, the water supply fittings, etc. Inspect them. See if they are operational and functional. If it’s a semi-furnished or furnished house, check whether the interiors are done with refinement. If there are any flaws in the amenities it can increase your bargaining power with regards to the final price of the house.


  • Make inquiries from the neighbors:

The people who are already living in the premises or apartment will have a firsthand experience of the amenities. Meet them. Ask them about their experience. This will give you a fairly practical and factual picture of the amenities available.


  • Make sure the amenities match your needs:

Don’t compromise on your priorities. If fitness is your passion and concern, opt for builders that provide you with a well-equipped gym. Having a gym as an amenity is an asset. It reduces the time spent in going to a gym outside and also reduces your expenditure in the form of gym membership fee or buying exercise equipment. Secondly, it’s not safe to let your children play outside the home and on the road. Make sure your builder provides a play area. If your parents are too old then they may not be able to use the gym but they can surely make use of inbuilt parks for walking without feeling vulnerable.


When you opt for a leading construction company, you end up enjoying the best of luxury and amenities both in terms of quantity and quality. Visit Aparna Constructions today for the best cosmopolitan gated community experience in the city.

Last updated on May 3, 2018

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