Easy Decoration Tips to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

As people are spending more time at home, giving your home a fresh look will go a long way in keeping everybody happy and calm. We have gathered some easy decorations tips to upgrade your space with things you already have at home.


Try a new layout


It’s easy to get bored of the same old furniture setup but what if you tried something new? Interior experts from some top developers in Hyderabad suggest that sometimes the simplest things like rearranging furniture can change the whole look of the apartment. Moving the couch to a different location within the house, adjusting where your armchair’s placement or swapping rugs from one room to another can do the trick.


Make a statement


The right statement piece can work as an anchor and set the tone for the entire room. Just don’t go overboard when you’re trying to liven things up. One eye-catching item per room is all you need to take your room from drab to fab.


Restyle your bookshelves


If you are an avid reader, now is the perfect time to read a new book as well as tidy up your bookshelf. You can arrange them in alphabetical order or by theme.


Pay attention to your walls


According to a survey, it was observed that not many people paid attention to their walls and less than half of them believed in updating their walls. However, your walls frame your home and go a long way in determining the feel of each room.


Touch up your paint


For those of you who have a few cans of paint tucked away in your homes, this may be the moment to pull them out of the shadows. You can design and make your own artistic masterpiece on the wall or just simply repaint them.


Take out your unused frames


If you’re not into painting, you could always find old photo frames lying around. Pick out some photos to put inside the frames and you’ve got yourself a very artsy wall. Interior experts suggest that the overall look of the wall is enhanced significantly with photo frames.


Evaluate your lighting


Lighting is one of the most important elements in design, and homes can go from stark and unwelcoming to cozy and warm just by swapping out a few bulbs. Did you know that even switching a lamp from a side table to another spot in your house could brighten up a space in new ways? Other ways of increasing the space or lighting in your room are to place a mirror opposite to a light source, be it a window or the door to your balcony.


Area Rug


Never underestimate the power of an area rug! These masterpieces offer a wonderful opportunity to make a statement, particularly when used in rooms that are a little on the bland side. Bold area rugs in neutral rooms work wonders and a distinct area rug is a statement piece worth investing in.

Last updated on July 23, 2021

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