Gated Community Amenities: How Landscaping Adds Value

With the onset of summer, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to make those necessary changes to the interior as well as exterior of your home. There are certain alternations that bring about immense change to the way your home looks. If you live in a gated community, you will find that landscaping and the surrounding area is a major factor that determines your home’s value. Landscaping is one of the less prioritized gated community amenities, but its importance cannot be understated. The best builders will provide property management services which will ensure meticulous landscaping throughout the gated community.


Landscaping can enhance the beauty of your home and can make a difference to the overall view. The focus you give for landscaping should be as significant as what you give to your interiors because it affects the appeal of your home.


Here are a few ways landscaping can add value to your home.


Economic Value

Putting time and effort will eventually pay off as landscaping enhances the value of your home and simultaneously creates a positive impression about the property. It also helps reduce your cooling/heating costs as homes with green landscapes help keep the property cooler in summer and warm in winter.


Health Value

With a green and lush area just outside your door, you will be inspired for numerous activities which will encourage an active lifestyle. This guarantees the fitness of your family. Also with more green surroundings comes more oxygen. Such landscaping would make a healthier home with fresh and clean air. It will also help you de-stress after a hard day’s work when you have such a beautiful environment to help you relax.


Social Value

Along with relaxing with family, the beautifully landscaped lawns and an array of greenery create the perfect setting to entertain your guests and colleagues. This will save the trouble of booking halls for your personal events. An economical and peaceful option would be to use your freshly landscaped lawns and hire professional caterers to take care of the food and beverages.


Environmental Value

Landscaping creates a tangible connection with nature and the environment. The main goals of sustainable landscape design are to minimize both the input of resources and the output of waste. Landscaping is a testament to achieve these eco-friendly aspirations. Residents are encouraged to treat water as a resource, value the soil, preserve existing plants and conserve materials.

Last updated on January 11, 2019

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