Green housing: Are you game for the future of real estate?

As businesses and industries, the world over is becoming environmentally more responsible in the wake of the challenges posed by climate change and rising CO2 emissions, green housing is being seen as a way forward to help solve this pressing issue. Globally, the real estate sector accounts for about one-third of CO2 emissions, and hence green buildings are the most important step towards achieving low-carbon societies and economies.


What is ‘green’ real estate:

Simply put, it’s about making your property healthy and energy-efficient by practising green features that would lead to better indoor air quality, lighting and temperature controls. It also means living in sync with the environment to achieve its benefits and minimize carbon footprint. Both commercial and residential properties can be either built or refurbished with green features.


The need and the demand:

By changing the way buildings are constructed and run, the demand for rising energy and water needs can be minimized as green building practices are perceived to be more efficient. Across the world, approximately 40% of all energy generated is used in cooling, lighting and ventilating buildings. Similarly, the real estate sector uses more than half of all natural resources worldwide.

Nowadays, there seems to be a shift in the mindsets of people towards green buildings and a growing number of homeowners and investors are now looking for properties that meet certain environmental standards. Their approach to opt for environmentally more responsible properties is set to boost the demand for the greener real estate.

Sustainability regulations:

Going ahead, as governments also wake up to the necessity of an environmentally responsible living for their citizens, the call for sustainability regulations will gain even more prominence. These regulations will have a huge impact on the future of green real estate and they will change the wind in favour of green housing and will drive the growth of a sustainable real estate in the coming years.


Significant value proposition:

In addition to the need for a sustainable future, green buildings make equally smart business sense as well. Green building certifications are increasingly adding to the credentials of real estate developers and they can boost the image and prestige of respective projects. Green-certified properties lead to better occupancy levels and deliver superior finance returns – both for sale as well as rental purposes.

Without an iota of doubt, green housing is much more than just a trend in real estate – it’s a movement for a better future living. So, if you love the environment and if you care about living environmentally responsible, Go Green!

Last updated on September 1, 2017

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