Home Decor Ideas for Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again – the most wonderful time of the year, but for many, Christmas is also the busiest. Shunting between gift buying, food preparing, and party attending, it’s hard to find the time to deck up our homes into a wintry wonderland.

So take it easy over the festive decoration this year, because we have a fabulous list of easy Christmas decor ideas for you.

Take a look:


String Light Christmas Tree:

You must be having those string lights from your Diwali decorations. Why not use them to make your unique, scintillating Christmas tree.  Just paste the string on the wall to give it the shape of a Christmas tree. Switch it on and see how it glows in the night!


Christmas Candle Stands

Give the candles, a Christmassy- twist with reindeer candle stands. Instead of placing them one by one, try placing them all together on the floor, on a runner. This is perfect to keep your Christmas decor subtle, elegant and attractive!


Add Some Red

You need not keep the traditional decorations all the time. Just by adding some essence of Christmas to your home would work just fine! Try adding the hues of red and white to your home interiors and let the Christmas vibe kick in. From the showpieces to the bed sheets, keep the theme alive.


Washroom Decor

When decorating for Christmas, why leave the powder room alone? Try painting snowman on a piece of cloth and use it as your commode’s lid cover. That way, you don’t mess the material, plus the kids stay happy.

Simple and attractive, isn’t it?


The Main Door

Try using the tree decorations on the main door to make your home entrance look magnificent.

It’s not very time consuming as you just need to spare some time and stick the tree balls and gifts around the main door.

Hope these easy tips help you deck up your home to just how dreamy you wanted it to be this Christmas! What’s more important is that you soak up the holiday spirit and spend a cozy time with your family and friends. Have a Merry Christmas!


Last updated on January 4, 2018

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