Benefit by Investing in Indian Real Estate

How Can NRIs Benefit by Investing in Indian Real Estate?

The conducive economic scenario in India and rising status among top global economies attract the NRIs who live abroad but left their hearts behind. The investment market is still going strong and perhaps more profitable than several others. Of these, real estate continues to be a particularly lucrative opportunity.

Let’s look at the benefits that NRI investment in Indian real estate can yield. 


Long Term Investment

A long term investment with good returns is what eventually contributes to wealth and increases the net worth. NRIs, who want to invest in an asset class for the long term have very few options. Real estate remains the best option for NRIs who want to stay connected to their roots.


Tangible Asset Value

When NRIs invest in stocks and bonds, they have little control over the portfolio selection. They have to depend on the integrity and expertise of the professionals managing them. Real estate allows NRIs to invest in brick and mortar. The asset is tangible, and they have complete control over the selection and due diligence.

Besides, trading in stocks happens on a day-to-day basis, and people can lose a significant chunk of their investments within a matter of minutes in volatile stock markets. Comparatively, real estate deals are not so frequent. There is no panic selling, and with multiple investments, NRIs can increase their net worth.


Stable Income

One of the best benefits that one can enjoy from real estate investment is the additional income it generates. The accruing rental income is stable and works as an alternative monetary stream. The rental increases overtime on a yearly basis ensures a steadily rising income.

Large cities that are also corporate hubs generate stable and high rental incomes. NRIs who intend to return in the future can invest in high-end properties such as Aparna One. These ultra-modern, smart homes come fully equipped with modern technology and amenities to suit their needs.


Conducive Economic Environment

The current economic ecosystem supports anyone who wants to benefit from investments in real estate. At present, real estate prices in India are affordable, with speculation of a rise shortly. 

Banks are offering low-interest home loans to drive growth in the market. Moreover, the builder segment is getting huge impetuses from private equity players, government, and banks. 

More than anything, RERA (The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) has brought stringent rules and regulations in the industry, protecting the interest of buyers. It has brought transparency into the transactions and the buyer-builder relationship. Now NRIs can rest assured that they are investing their money in a safe and secure environment.


Multiple Segments

From commercial to modest housing to luxurious apartments, real estate has a lot to offer. NRIs can select from a wide range as per their budget and interests. They can also buy multiple units to enhance their net worth.

Aparna Luxor Park is one such residential gated community that NRIs can explore. The project consists of 3 and 4 BHK luxury flats and an expansive array of modern amenities.



With so many benefits, NRI investment in Indian real estate is undoubtedly a good option worth exploring. Hyderabad has been showing a strong recovery in its real estate prices, and now is the best time to look at investment opportunities in this city. 

Aparna Constructions is a reliable name in the construction space. With 24 years of experience and 45 projects under our belt, you can count on us to make your dream home a reality.

Last updated on December 16, 2020

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