Investing in plots near Patancheru can be a great idea: Here’s why

The realty in Hyderabad is shaping up differently and how. While the picture is different in other cities, Hyderabad ticks all the right boxes when it comes to social and physical infrastructure, employment opportunities in the IT sector as well as health care and education. Moreover, the property rates are way more competitive here.


When it comes to property, there are certain areas that are considered high-growth, as compared to others in a city. Especially in a state like Telangana, which is one of the fastest-growing states, the quality of life is certainly the focus. This is why even buyers are more critical of their choices and want to make the right investment.


Buying a home is no child’s play; it requires years of planning. While research is significant, there are some pertinent questions that remain unanswered while buying a property. For instance, the tussle between buying a plot over a gated apartment or vice-versa. When it comes to the long run, buying an open plot is more beneficial considering its high resale value. While we are talking about plots, there are certain high-growth areas like Patancheru that are extremely sought-after for investment purposes!


Patancheru is an industrial zone, which is located about 32 km from the city centre on the Hyderabad-Solapur highway, and about 18 km from HITEC City. Also, the government has approved 388 km Regional Ring Road from Sangareddy which just 25 km from Patancheru. A short drive from the Outer Ring Road makes this area extremely accessible and connected to other parts of the city!


Let’s look at the reasons why investing in open plots near Patancheru is a great idea:


Competitive rates

Considering how realty rates are crashing the roof elsewhere in India and of course the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, getting plots near Patancheru is feasible and a great option.


Upcoming projects in the pipeline: Since this is a high-growth area, there are projects mushrooming here all the time. This spells great news since the increasing number of people will create more employment opportunities. Also, this means that the area will considerably come up and those who invest now can get high returns on their investments later!


Great location

The location is the first criteria for buyers to invest in property and Patancheru wins over! The property rates are soaring in Hyderabad and Secunderabad but getting one here is still a viable option. Besides, its connectivity to other parts of Hyderabad makes it accessible and within reach. Definitely, a peaceful haven to lead a superior quality of life!


High Standard of living

The open plots available for sale in Isnapur, Patancheru offer a great, clean environment with a pleasant climate. It’s got everything you need to live a perfect life!


Unprecedented growth

The start-up boom has taken over India and especially metropolitan cities in the last few years. With an increasing number of people desiring peaceful environments at the same time, excellent standards of living, the start-ups can look at this target community and grow by leaps and bounds. Another win-win for Patancheru!


Investing in open plots near Patancheru is a great option. Because the future looks bright for this place. Be it for your dream home, or for you to enjoy rich dividends on your investment.

Last updated on November 26, 2018

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