Four reasons why Isnapur is the upcoming investment hub of Hyderabad

“Disruptive innovations are best introduced in the low-income and high potential markets.” An area is considered developed when there is a prospective growth to the residents which improves their quality of living over the time. India is continuously striving to become better not only in terms of quality living but also giving scope to a viable future. Telangana is amongst the fastest growing states in India and it has proved to be hosting the best places to live in.


Isnapur is located about thirty-one miles towards the north of Nizam’s city Hyderabad. It has around 20,000 inhabitants and covers about 10 square kilometers having a rapid growth, making it a glittering opportunity for investors to capitalize on. The following points give an overview of why Isnapur as a town is the next golden goose for prospective investors



When the property rates in Hyderabad are soaring high, almost an hour away from both Hyderabad and Secunderabad rests a peaceful town which connects the major commercial hubs. This place has caught the eyes of many investors lately. With multiple smart city projects lined-up here, investors are seeing this place as a location that can provide an alternative standard of living to the continuous inflow of urban crowd. National Highway 65 connects it directly to the city and the Outer Ring Road connects it to the airport, which are both an hour away without the hassle of traffic.


Upcoming Projects:

With quite a number of projects on the line, the town is expecting a major inflow of people from various places. The large incoming group will boost the economy and provide fresh opportunities for both small and large-scale organizations. There is a saying that early entrants have the first mover advantage and considering the future of the town in years to come, the investors can expect a swift compounding growth.


Standard of living:

The rapid upgrade of urban living demands a healthy lifestyle. This includes a hygienic environment, clean food and water, and finally a sun-kissed climate. Well, Isnapur has it all. It promises a class standard of living wrapped in a box and waiting to be opened.


Strategic expansion opportunity:

In recent years people have witnessed a large growth of start-ups who have mostly eyed the major known cities. Since the towns and cities are expanding and people are looking at peaceful yet excellent standards of living, the start-ups can target a fresh set of community and bring metropolitan lifestyle to them and grow their business.

Isnapur fits the bill perfectly since it is close enough to the city yet conveniently placed in a location where the real estate rates haven’t gone sky-high yet. Thus making it a major investment hub of Hyderabad.

Last updated on November 15, 2018

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