Leading The Future Of Security In Ultra-Luxury Gated Communities

Security should be at the top of everyone’s checklist. Ultra-luxury gated communities are equipped with smart security systems that maintain peace and privacy at all times. Threatening situations and other emergencies can be detected early by use of critical systems monitoring, fire detection and evacuation, CCTV systems, and paging.


The safety of the residents is the primary objective of a gated community. This is visible from the strictly controlled entrances and high electric walls of such residential communities. The complex gate is managed by the security staff to ensure no one except the residents or allow parties to enter the premises. In addition, home automation devices help create a safer environment allowing residents to be in the open any time of the day or night.


The best ultra-luxury gated communities are facilitated with 24-hour security and surveillance. This is a vital feature for residents. Unwanted visitors can be avoided and intruders can be kept away at the gate as the security personnel checks with you before allowing anyone inside the gated community.


Parents who have children or senior citizens prefer living in the gated communities because they are safe and secure. Only approved residents and guests are allowed inside due to restricted access entry. This limits solicitors who move from door to door. A gated community reduces traffic as well as the number of speeding vehicles. This allows a safer place for your children to play outdoors or take an evening stroll with members of your family.


Residents are kept safe by access control cards and the gated intercom systems that lock at particular times of the day. The wall surrounded gated communities can be accessed through controlled gates that are situated at various points within the property. A few of them only have one point of entry and exit as a security measure.


Most gated community residents prefer automated gate systems that help to control access to their neighborhood as well as reducing vehicular traffic. Access control begins right at the entrance gate and these systems allow vehicles that have proper credentials to gain access to the gated communities.


Residents also have the ability to manage their home security with home automation technology. Their live video cameras allow them to look-in on their property and receive notifications from anywhere and at any time.


Common areas such as swimming pools and gyms can easily be controlled using a seamless control device. Installation of sensors will be useful to detect children playing within the compound. It can also alert homeowners of incoming vehicles by transmitting digital signals. Implementations of carpooling technologies can be done through IoT (Internet of Things) and building of smart parking sensors.


When looking for a new home in an ultra-luxury gated community, check for home automation systems and trained security guards who patrol the grounds round the clock. Security cameras and other surveillance mechanisms should also be available. Most luxury apartments, especially in a gated community, provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, combined with stringent checks on non-residents at all access points of the premises.

Last updated on April 7, 2019

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