Light it Right – Lighting plays a big role in Home Décor.

When it comes to home décor, there is a general tendency to focus too much on carpentry, furniture and walls and underestimate the importance of lighting. Even if one is not consciously aware of it, lighting plays a vital role in the overall comfort and joy of a living space. So, let us understand more on how good lighting can influence the quality of your life.


Manage Colours and Designs.

Through efficient use of lights, one can increase or decrease the colour impact of an entire room or its specific surfaces. For example, recessed can lighting, which has a smooth descending glow, is helpful to illuminate the floors, not walls. On the other hand, lights hung from the middle of the room is useful to showcase the colour and design quality of walls. If you have an adorable wall painting or an appealing kitchen island that you would like to illuminate, try making use of adjustable lamps and necks that can be hung from the ceiling.


The Illusion of Space.

It is the light that gets reflected off the wall surfaces that defines the illusion of space. Depending upon the placement of the light, a room can look bigger, smaller, wider or narrower. Generally, darker colours could make the room feel smaller while lighter colours provide the exact opposite perception. If there is a shortage of natural light, it is always better to look for wall sconces, corner lamps or centrally hanging lights to create a visually sizeable room.


Serves Different Purposes.

Lighting needs to have a purpose, if not, it is simply a waste of electricity. Chandeliers, with their centrally themed placement, provides fabulous illumination and hence they are ideal for foyers and living rooms. Wall lights can augment the length and size of space and is a perfect fit for entryways. When it comes to desks or other rooms where functionality is more important than illumination, it is advisable to look for task-specific lighting techniques.


Sets up your Mood.

This is probably one of the most underlooked qualities of lighting. The way a room is lit clearly impacts the mood you have in that space. A common mistake seen in most self-lighting plans is the use of more than half a dozen recessed lights in the room ceiling. This degrades the quality of the light in the room and makes people inside look exhausted. Ideally, light should softly illuminate your face from the side and not trouble you from the top. Don’t you feel a sense of calmness when the walls, art and architectural features of the room are illuminated more prominently than the top of one’s head!


A good home décor is never complete without proper lighting. It is indeed good to take utmost care for furniture, carpentry and walls, but it is the right selection of lights that would enhance the elegance and style of your interiors. So, keep shining bright!

Last updated on April 10, 2018

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