List of companies in Manyata Tech Park that’ll give your career a boost

Needless to say, getting an opportunity to pursue your professional career at Manyata Tech Park is certainly an achievement in itself. However, not every company is the same and there are a host of factors that need to be taken into consideration before selecting the one that’ll give a boost to your career. In the next few sections, we shall talk about the list of companies in Manyata Tech Park that can give a much needed thrust to your professional career besides facilitating your overall development.



This company needs no introduction and quite obviously features on top of our selections. While there are many departments that keep publishing openings on leading job portals, landing the position of the Business Analyst at IBM might just be the push your career requires. What makes this company special is the empowered synergy that’s on display followed by a cohesive and well-oiled team of analysts, developers, and managers.


Evertz Microsystems Limited

While this company might not be as big as IBM, it still has a lot in the tank to boost your career prospects. Firstly, this firm holds a strategic position in the concerned tech park and is always on the lookout for fresh talent regarding QA testing suite and automated testing. At present, the firm is looking for someone with a bit of experience in the mentioned fields followed by a preferred coding background. Most importantly, if you can get through to the working board, there is also a lot to learn from the experienced team of skilled professionals.


Klaus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This firm is certainly a great place for freshers who are on the lookout for rewarding opportunities. At present, there are several career breakthrough options at this company which can be leveraged for getting the necessary professional push. In addition to that, working at this firm doesn’t even look like any effort as the teammates are extremely cooperative and there is a lot of scope for holistic individual development.


Colt Technologies

Needless to say, this organization features right at the top of the list of companies in Manyata Tech Park and excels in offering world-renowned voice services to the clients. Most importantly, Colt comes forth with career opportunities for individuals with required levels of experience in Ethernet VPN, business internet, capital markets, and more. What needs to be valued the most is encouraging work environment associated with this place.



Working at Fidelity investment firm is something you can be proud of, provided you get through in the first place. While the interviews and screenings are extremely stringent, once hired, the company offers a host of benefits to its employees in addition to a substantial paycheck.


When it comes to surfing through the list of companies in Manyata Tech Park, the mentioned names clearly feature at the top. However, in order to give your career the required boost by being able to work at any of the mentioned firms, you need to prepare and be at your best during interviews, analytical tests, group discussions, and all the other evaluative assessments. But with proper planning and the right approach, landing a job in one of these companies can be a cakewalk. So go ahead, give it your best shot, and land your dream job. Good luck.

Last updated on October 11, 2019

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