Mivan Technology Used for Residential Projects in Hyderabad

Mivan technology is a state-of-the-art aluminum wall formwork that is an excellent replacement to the conventional construction technology with significant advantages of quality, speed and requirement of skilled resources. The structure is designed as load-bearing walls and slabs. Then the whole assembly is shuttered and poured monolithically giving it a very distinct advantage in terms of structural stability.

The advantages of Mivan Technology include:

  • Faster construction and completion due to the light weight of the aluminum form
  • Reduction in skilled labour required for a project.
  • Lesser number of construction joints reduces or even eliminates the chances of seepage resulting in negligible maintenance.
  • Increased seismic and fire resistance.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • Greater carpet area due to thin shear walls thus increasing area.
  • Smooth finishing of aluminium wall and slab.
  • Uniform quality of construction.
  • Very cost effective for similar building layouts and for the plinth work.
  • Close to zero wastage

Home buyers in Hyderabad and across India are becoming more discerning in their search for high-quality projects. Aparna gated communities are designed keeping these home buyers in mind, without compromising on premium amenities and timely delivery.  Mivan technology fits Aparna’s mission for customer-centric service and is being used for its residential projects in Hyderabad.


Aparna Constructions Innovates With Mivan Technology

At the forefront of developing best-in-class gated community residential projects, Aparna Constructions is renowned for continuously surpassing industry standards and spearheading innovation in the real estate industry. Aparna Constructions has adopted Mivan Technology for two of its projects in Hyderabad: Aparna Serene Park at Kondapur and Aparna Sarovar Zenith at Nallagandla.

In the heart of HTEC City, Aparna Serene Park at Kondapur is an epitome of high-quality construction, top of the line fittings and unparalleled amenities. The project comprises of 1096 3 BHK / 4 BHK apartments spread across 14 blocks. There are 10 size ranges of apartments in the project. All apartments are designed as per Vaastu. Mivan technology ensures that the variation of apartment sizes across all blocks is uniform in nature.

Built on 2,622,925 sq. ft. of prime land set amidst the Botanical Gardens, Aparna Serene Park at Kondapur is a fine example of contemporary design and ultra-modern facilities while maintaining the tranquility of its natural surroundings. The elevation has been designed keeping the contemporary styling in mind, with aesthetic color and material combinations and elements to give the project a premium feel. The speed and efficiency of Mivan technology ensured that the surrounding area was not disturbed during construction.

A great feat of Mivan technology is Aparna Sarovar Zenith at Nallagandla. At 24+ acres with 13 towers and 2475 apartments, Aparna Sarovar Zenith is one of Telangana’s and Andhra Pradesh’s largest residential projects. It is a gated community of luxury apartments, in close proximity to the IT hub/ financial district at Gachibowli. The gated community boasts tranquil open spaces, eco-friendly design and state-of-the-art home automation technology. Built on the unmatched success of Aparna Sarovar and Aparna Sarovar Grandé, the latest addition to the Nallagandla hub is designed to combine luxurious living and environmentally responsible design, both without compromise. Continuing Aparna’s adherence to international eco-friendly standards, the project has a Pre-Certified Gold Rating by IGBC.

Aparna Sarovar Zenith is divided into the following clusters: Activity Stretch, Arrival Plaza, Central Green and Serene Area. The exclusive gated community ensures total privacy set amidst impeccably landscaped gardens and a central courtyard. With a high value on open space, natural beauty and lavish comfort, it is one of the premium residential projects in Nallagandla.


Mivan Technology Gives Value To Affordable Housing

Affordable housing projects are a good use of Mivan technology. Mivan technology is suitable for constructing a large number of houses in a short span of time using room size forms to construct walls and slabs in one continuous pour of concrete. It is very cost effective for similar building layouts and for the plinth work. This system is very unique as all components in the building including slabs, beams, walls, columns, staircases and balconies are of concrete and there is no need for cost-intensive and labour-intensive block works or brickworks.

Mivan technology offers higher efficiency, close to zero wastage and a massive reduction in the skilled resources required for constructing the shell and core of the building thereby substantially bringing down the overall cost of the project. However, the cost-effective benefits are only realized at high volume requiring large-scale projects with similar layouts.

Affordable housing projects were given a major boost this year in the Union Budget 2017-18. Since the affordable housing sector is the most incentivized segment for both developers and buyers, many reputed developers are now launching projects in the affordable segment. More than 10 million affordable houses are expected to be built in rural India by 2019. This is a huge opportunity to showcase the value of Mivan technology.

Last updated on August 6, 2018

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