Modern Amenities That Will Transform Luxury Homes

There were many fascinating trends in the luxury real estate market in 2018. We saw the rise of modern functional design and green building technology. In the coming year, luxury homebuyers are looking to new amenities that will add value to their daily lives. Here are a few modern amenities that are sure to make their mark in the luxury real estate space.


Integration of Home Technology

As builders continue to incorporate voice control, automation, and other products into luxury projects, technology will most likely be the single most important amenity for the residents. Integrated apps allow gated communities to plan social events with benefits for both residents and property managers. Apps let residents see everything going on in their gated community in terms of events and programming. Residents can check listings and RSVP right on the app, creating an internal calendar just for them and the gated community organizers. Apps can also control everything from A/V to temperature while also allowing residents to coordinate errands and special requests. On the other side, managers and organizers can view the data collected from each use. They can make more informed decisions on what to offer. Residents will find more of their needs and want to be supported by their own attendance decisions – all from one central online hub.


Combining Living and Working Spaces

The classic residential lounge in luxury homes is a common feature. However, an upcoming trend for 2019 is the integration of work and play in one space. Luxury gated communities offer business lounges for meetings within close proximity to leisure activities such as a swimming pool and a meditation garden. Living spaces must adapt and expand to every facet of a resident’s life. This trend highlights the needs of the modern resident of a luxury gated community.


Emphasizing Natural Surroundings

As the importance of eco-friendly living gains strength, an emerging design trend is to have all rooms in the home connected to their natural surroundings with more immersion in the landscape. Homebuyers are looking to respect and enjoy nature. This trend is highlighted by light colors, natural stones and plants. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunlight to become a natural function of a home’s layout. Even pools can play into this natural surrounding motif as infinity edges allow the pool to blend in with the sightlines of a lake or other body of water. These components acting together paints a picture of residential and environmental harmony.

Last updated on May 16, 2019

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