How much time does it take to reach Nallagandla, Chanda Nagar, Manikonda, Kondapur from Hitech City at 6 PM?

Constantly ranked as one of the best cities to reside in within the country, Hyderabad is high on demand for its booming business and IT giants. Hyderabad’s localities are slowly but surely developing, along with its transportation system and roads. The time required to reach one end of the city to another is decreasing as efficient energy and time-saving solutions are increasing.


Developing Areas in Hyderabad

Examples of rapidly blooming localities within Hyderabad are Nallagandla, Chandanagar, and Manikonda. Originally sidelined because of narrow roads and lack of space for renovation, these areas are quickly taking the spotlight by developing into some of the best places to start a business or work due to their convenient distance from the IT hub of Hyderabad, Hitech City. The time taken from areas like Nallagandla, Chanda Nagar, Kondapur, and Manikonda are all less than an hour, and with the speedy construction of the effective metro rail, the time will decrease to only a few minutes.


Distance from Popular Localities to Hitech City

With Hyderabad’s main business and software companies situated in and around Hitech City, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs and software engineers prefer to work in areas near the IT hub.


– Nallagandla, a rapidly developing area, is situated in a mere half an hour distance by car, and a one-hour distance by bus.

– The time taken to reach Hitech City from Chanda Nagar by car is approximately 25 minutes, and 50 minutes by bus.

– The time taken to reach Hitech City from Manikonda is about 40 minutes in peak rush time by car.

– Kondapur, the closest to Hitech City, is only about 15 minutes by car in peak time (around 6 PM)


Although these time approximations can be altered based on the amount of traffic, the distance is quite less compared to other localities. The time taken from developing areas like Chanda Nagar, Nallagandla, Manikonda, and Kondapur to the IT and business center of Hyderabad are key points in choosing an area to reside, work, and set up a business in.

Being closely situated to Hitech City is extremely advantageous for the residents of Hyderabad. It has played host to important international events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) and holds multi-facility, top quality event halls. Areas like Chanda Nagar, Nallagandla, Manikonda, and Kondapur are following suit and dominating the business area scene. Residing in places like these not only puts you in the center of the city but also in the heart of Indian business.

Last updated on January 4, 2018

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