If you wish to own or live in a house that resonates perfection in aesthetics, then Vaastu has a subtle way of bringing harmony and also channelizing the energies. Vaastu is definitely not mandatory but is highly suggested for a healthier and prosperous life.

Literally translated as the science of architecture, Vaastu is nothing but the concept of five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space. With our world being made of the same five elements, the concept & tradition has become all the more intriguing and successful in the Indian subcontinent.

To protect you from getting overwhelmed by the Vaastu-info overload, we are going to give you a rational overview of the facts and also demystify the science behind the myths.


  1. Science behind directions

As Vaastu deals greatly with direction, the science behind it explains the concept better. For example, Vaastu recommends kitchen is located in the South-East direction. As per science, if a kitchen is located in any other direction the house becomes susceptible to fire. The concept originated earlier as the houses were made of thatched roof and the strong winds had a big influence in the kitchen catching fire.


  1. Science behind colours

Vaastu reveals that certain lighter hues have a major influence in bringing relaxation, harmony, and peace. Because scientifically the lighter shades help you relax better and also give you decorative liberty. So, your home will not only be accommodating Vaastu but will also enhance the overall usefulness of your living space. If you wish to read in detail about the colours relevant as per Vaastu, you can go through our blog on ‘Colours as per Vaastu’.


  1. Science behind shapes

Vaastu insists on houses and spaces being constructed in a particular shape for enhancing stability and safety because scientifically rectangular and square rooms make the best use of space and circular rooms would waste a lot of floor area. Practical solutions make Vaastu, a well-thought practice.


  1. Science behind airflow

Vaastu values and stresses a lot on the element of air, because scientifically an empty and clutter free space in the middle of the home will help in unobstructed air circulation, making the home feel welcoming and open.

If you were thinking Vaastu will be too much of Shastra, hope our scientific and practical pointers made perfect sense. Incorporate the ones that appear functional and find an aesthetically pleasing way to use Vaastu to the advantage of a healthier and happier life.

Last updated on August 3, 2017

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