How to Spot The Best Luxury Apartments In Bangalore

Not very long ago, large rooms lined with exquisite marble were all that was required to make a home luxurious. Today, customers are more discerning. Besides the price, there are several elements to consider when choosing the best luxury apartments in Bangalore. It is easy to find the right luxury apartment once you have an idea of what you are looking for. It involves much more of the lifestyle you want to pursue than the amount you are willing to spend on such a luxury. When it comes to living luxurious, it is all in the details. From a real estate industry perspective, there are basic parameters that define luxury: optimum price, central or a well-developed location, a larger unit size, and state-of-the-art amenities and specifications. Here are some of the factors to bear in mind.


Location. Location. Location.

Luxury starts with the location. Whether for living or investment, you should choose a well-connected location with the potential for high growth, such as Yeshwanthpur.


Yeshwanthpur is a popular center in Bangalore due to its infrastructure development and connectivity to the rest of Bangalore. The area is also a flourishing hub for educational institutes, hospitals, and entertainment centers. The best luxury apartments in Bangalore must be easily accessible to the rest of the city.


Quality of Construction

The quality of construction refers to the architecture, materials and workmanship quality used in the building. The quality class depends on the building standards that were used at the time of construction. You would not want to live in an apartment that seems to have weak or compromised materials. The best luxury apartments should be built to the highest standards that will depict your current lifestyle and the kind of environment you would want to live in.


Builder Reputation

It is safer to purchase a luxury apartment from an experienced builder who has a good track record of trust and transparency. A reputed builder should put in place a professional network of systems and processes. This gives you the assurance that all parts of the building meet the required standards of safety.


Availability of Outdoor Activities

The best luxury apartments are often designed with access to green spaces and natural surroundings. Luxury gated communities allow the entire family to benefit from outdoor spaces. Homeowners would want to spend some time with their family in the outdoors while having fun. Some of the outdoor activities include swimming, game courts, playgrounds and other recreational facilities such as jogging and cycling.


Pool and Fitness center

While a pool and fitness center may be common amenities, it is the quality that counts. The best luxury apartments have access to world-class club houses with all modern amenities. Ample space is also a requirement since most individuals prefer private workouts than going to crowded gyms.


Entertainment & Lifestyle

You should expect to have a variety of entertainment facilities for you and your family. A luxurious apartment should have smart TVs and quality music system in different rooms that will keep you entertained. Well-managed Multipurpose Halls and Banquet Halls should be available for social gatherings and family functions.  Movie rooms and clubhouses offer the greatest level of entertainment that allows you to live your life to the fullest, having a great experience in the luxurious apartments.


Privacy & Security

Privacy is of the utmost importance. Most luxury apartments, especially in a gated community, often have two layers of security – a digitally enhanced safety system (home automation system) and trained security guards. The best luxury apartments provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, combined with stringent checks on non-residents at all access points of the premises.


Home Automation & State-of-the-Art Technology

The best luxury apartments usually have smartphone enables features such as video cameras and wireless door locks that help with indoor and outdoor surveillance. Motion sensors will alert the homeowner of a gas leak. Other expected amenities in a luxurious apartment include motion detector lights and temperature settings.

Last updated on January 2, 2018

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