Top 5 home colour trends dominating 2017

Looking for some colourful home inspiration? You have reached the right space. Dark or neutrals, colours when chosen right can actually revamp the complete look of your home. If you are in the process of renovating or just looking to add some fun pop of drama to your humble abode, our colourful list will spruce up your home with minimum effort.

Caliente – ‘The Red’ of the ‘Reds’
Powerful and radiant, Caliente exudes confidence with an arresting charm. Giving you the appeal of a red carpet, this is one colour that is perfect if you are looking for something deeper than your everyday red. Caliente, the ravishing red, expresses authenticity in its true form. Falling neither in the rusty orange range nor under the cold blue toned variation, Caliente is that intimate shade, which adds the missing spice to your living space without being loud or abrasive.

Pastels – Minimalist’s Love
The minimalist palette consisting of soft washed pastels like mint greens and pink are seen to be dominating the interior space in 2017. With a flexibility to adapt and be reimagined in a number of ways, pastels will carry forward its pleasing sanctity in the years to come.

Turquoise – Waters of The Bay
With moody characteristics, Turquoise is one colour that can leave a prominent mark in both the formal and casual spaces of your home. Whether it is in the form of standard paint or as quirky motif wallpapers, turquoise works well in transforming any living space.

50 Shades of Blue
Letting you unplug and relax, casual and calm shades of blue introduce the residents to an aura of peace in the home. Blue is one colour that surpasses multiple design styles and pairs well with a lot of subdued shades both indoors as well as outdoors.

Black – Make a Statement
Black has surely made a statement in 2017 and it will continue making its presence felt in 2018. Sleek and sensual, we can certainly say black is the new neutral. Complementing well with nearly all themes and colour palettes, black plays well on the floor as well as the chandeliers. If your home lacks drama, you now know the way to go!

With 2018 approaching, let’s colour your home right and bright!

Last updated on December 1, 2017

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