Vaastu – The Sutra of Design

In real terms, a home is a living being and a symbol of those who live within this abode. It is our own little universe embodying the same forces that compose the vast universe. Did you know that homes built as per true Vaastu help creating the peace and stability we need to attain success in both spiritual and material worlds?


Why must a home be Vaastu compliant?


Homes designed and built as per true Vaastu are conducive to creating the peace and stability we need to attain success on all levels – both spiritual and material.


Vaastu for home – The Science of Architecture


Vaastu is also universal and useful for people everywhere. It is not just a style of architecture or interior design. It is a complete system based on natural laws that work with our own sense of style and beauty. Because what goes on at one level affect the other.


Almost all our individual preferences in color, style, materials, texture, and furnishings can work in a Vaastu home. As long as it is beautiful, and is well constructed with natural materials, any design scheme can work with Vaastu.


As a result, it is particularly relevant to people who practice meditation and yoga. Meditation connects us to the pure source of consciousness, and good  Vaastu enhances this effect and connects us with the life force through proper design.


Everyone can benefit from applying some Vaastu to their home. Turning it into an unassailable sanctuary for life to thrive.


Last updated on August 3, 2017

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