Vaastu Tips to usher in good fortune in 2018.

It is easy to survive a mediocre existence, but living a happier and healthier life is what every individual strives for. Vaastu is highly recommended for a better standard of living. Vaastu Shastra is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of nature to work in our favour. It is a subtle science which effectively harmonises and channelizes positive energy all around an individual.


In order to keep the positive energy and good fortune around us let us unearth a few of the Vaastu tips that could make our homes bright and beaming in 2018:


  1. Incorporate open spaces:

While it is tough to adhere to practice all the Vaastu practices, it is very important to stay in a place where there are no obstructions in the form of buildings or anything else. It is preferable to stay in a place which has open and lush green spaces. If this is not possible, always try to keep your home bright and open. Make sure that your home has a natural air flow and sunshine. This prompts a delightful and cheerful environment in your surroundings.


  1. Plant it up:

Plants bring in a certain ardor and liveliness into a home. Make sure to plant at least one Basil (Tulsi) plant in your home. It will amass a lot of positive energy. Plant it preferably in the north-east direction of your home. Although tiny decorative plants and shrubs can be planted in a home but avoid placing any plant in the bedroom.


  1. Furnish it properly:

Interiors of a home are always done with reference to the personal taste of the homeowner. Yet, there can be a few Vaastu tips which can propel warmth and fervour in a home. Try to arrange all of the furniture in your house in the form of a circle, square or an octagon. Decorate your walls with paintings which reflect positivity and happiness such as the mountains, oceans, meadows or the sun.


  1. Set your kitchen right:

While setting up the kitchen place the stove in the south-east direction of the room, so that you face the east while cooking. Never place a mirror on your kitchen walls as it generates negative energy. Maintain an impeccably clean and hygienic kitchen to ward off the evil energy and to procreate positivity all around you.


Follow a few of these Vaastu tips and enjoy living in a joyful and spirited household and feel your home turning into a beautiful haven. Usher in 2018 with enormous amounts of good fortune and happiness.


Last updated on February 6, 2018

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