Villa or Apartment: What to choose and why? (Nallagandla)

Choosing between a villa and a flat in a gated community is a common question that people deal with while making real estate investments. Buying a house is going to be one of the biggest decisions you make in life. To help you with the process, here’s a set of questions that you need to ask yourself before narrowing down on a house.


Question 1: The price – Which is more costlier? A villa or an apartment?

When it comes to buying a house, price is one of the most important deciding factors. At first glance, the price of an apartment is obviously lower as compared to the price of a villa. However, if you’re looking for an independent house of your own, it is always wise to pay more and opt for a villa. The other thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, when it comes to maintenance costs, a villa will always be higher on the list. But that stands true even in case of high end luxurious apartments. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want. Villas for sale in Nallagandla are higher priced than the apartments. However, if your deciding factor is an independent home of your own, it’s always better to opt for a villa in Nallagandla.


Question 2: Location: How do you decide?

In almost all cases, location is an important factor too. And that is where Aparna properties in Nallagandla step in to solve the problem. Who wouldn’t want a house in plush green serene surroundings but stay connected to the main city at the same time? Apartments and villas for sale in Nallagandla are not only located in picturesque surroundings bordering the lake, they also have important schools, hospitals, groceries, entertainment and other options in the vicinity. Not just that, it’s located at a stone’s throw distance from the IT HUB in Hyderabad. In this case, whether you choose an apartment or a villa, it’s a win-win either way.


Question 3: Will your piece of real estate be a viable opportunity for investment in the future?

A lot of people buy real estate as viable opportunity for investment. The impending question then is: which one will earn more money? An apartment or a villa? Well, real estate returns depend on a lot of things; one of the most important ones being the location. Nallagandla is an upcoming locality in Hyderabad that is highly sought after by the IT crowd. The flats and villas in Nallagandla are not only adorned with amenities but also are located in a serene environment. While apartments are sought after by nuclear families, larger families prefer villas. So the ultimate decision depends on the demographics in your vicinity.


Question 4: Which one is easily customizable? A villa or a flat?

In this case, villas in Nallagandla, win hands down. Villas because they are independent, allow more freedom to experiment and customize it according to your needs and tastes. Flats on the other hand lack this kind of freedom. Neither can you expand the space nor reconstruct it. You can make as many changes as you want in a villa depending on the market trends and styles.


Villa v/s Apartment – Which one should you choose?

Both villas and apartments have their sets of pros and cons. While apartments have better security and more access to facilities like clubhouses, villas offer you the scope of independent living. There is no definite answer to this question and it all depends on the number of people in your family, your budget, your need to customize your house etc. However, if security is your main concern, then choosing villas in Nallagandla that come in gated communities is the best option. It’ll not only give you the luxury you need but also the security you deserve.

Last updated on October 12, 2018

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